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Need your help with US dress code

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Hubby's going to the US for the first time. He's going to attend a 5 days course in a Kansas university. We checked out the weather and it's going to be really hot and humid.

Do you think it would be appropraite if he showed up for class wearing something the length of bermudas? He has some nice short trousers, but we're not sure if that would be acceptable. Also, what about footwear? Would sandals be okay?

Sorry about the dumb question but we need to finish packing...
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Anne; I am sure that nice Bermuda shorts or Khakis or Dockers Shorts and a polo style shirt would be quite acceptable. Also, I know most men on campus near where I live here in St. Louis wear sandals at the first hint of warm weather.

I am sure your husband would not do this, but I would shy away from wearing cutoff jean shorts, flip-flop sandals or tank top shirts to class. Even thouh it may be quite hot and he may see this attire on other guys it is not respectful wear for the adult classroom.

Hope he has a Great Stay over here. Make sure he brings home presents!!!!
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Not according to what I have seen on some guys around here. If he really wants to fit in- have him wear baggy jeans 4 sizes too big, make sure his underwear is visible above the waist line, have him turn his tee-shirt inside out and wear it backwards, then he has to take his baseball cap, turn that inside out and put it on backwards (this will make him look cool- but really, it just makes him look like a duck's a$$) LOL Oh and sneakers that aren't tied, and a huge belt not buckled but tied!

Now, on the more mature side, nice bermuda shorts or dockers, sandals, khakis, and good tee shirts will work just fine. Pack him sunscreen, he will need that, a good pair of sunglasses, and try to coerce him into wearing a kitty tee shirt...hee hee.... Lots of guys wear shoes with no socks, but I prefer to see nice sandals instead.

Hope he has a good trip and a great time. To bad he isn't going to OSU you could crawl into his suitcase and you guys could come and stay with us!
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Thanks for the input! That was so helpful! We just spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out what Bermuda shorts, Khakis and Dockers are We searched for everything on the net so now we know... Nothing better than this place to learn some new words in English

We still have a couple of questions -

Would cargo trousers (fatigues? army style trousers with pockest on the sides) be okay? We don't meant the ones with the army multi-color pattern, but those that come in khaki or gray etc.

About the shirts - we managed to find out what tank shirt are, but we are wondering about t-shirts. Do you think it has to be a pollo style shirt or would a good quality t-shirt do?

A million thanks!

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You could go to Old Navy website and check out their catalog to get an idea of what is in style right now. Polo shirts are great, good tee shirts work as well. What kind of class is he attending anyway?
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Thank you Hissy and threeleggedkat for your help.
This is me - Anne's husband.

It is funny but such a trivial thing as dress code is not so trivial to people from outside.

From your answers I guess things are pretty much the same as here in Israel.

I am looking forward to visiting your beutifull and gigantic country, here the scale is totaly different.

Thanks for warning me about the sun, I think it wouldn't be much different from here (we are about the same latitude as Texas)
It would be the longest flight I have ever had (trans Atlantic).

Hissy - I will be attending a short 4 days course about Meteorology.
Thanks for inviting us to visit you in Oregon. Maybe next time
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I let him practice his English on this one

Thanks so much for the info! We're going to do some shopping tomorow, but not as much as we had thought we should do...We will be checking this thread tomorow morning before going out shopping, so if you have anything to add please do!

Hissy - I'd love to visit Oregon - someday perhaps we'll take you up on that invitation. You are all welcome to visit us and stay here as our guests!

By the way, any ideas as to what sort of presents I should ask for?
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I hope you have a great visit to the US...it must be so exciting to come here for the first time, as I know it would be for me to visit Isreal for the first time.
I too would wonder what to wear if I wear going to Isreal, so I didn't feel out of place, so your question is completely understandable.

I think you can pretty much wear anything here, without anyone looking at you strangely!

The United States has everything from people with peirced noses and green hair, to men dressed up like women!!!

You will be okay, and fit in fine, no matter what you wear.

I hope you have a wonderful time here....please let us know how it goes!!!!!!!
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Anne: anything related to cats would be great! LOL -
How about some great chocolates, jewels are always good-or better yet,a ticket for you to join him?
Hope hubby has a great time - will be interested in knowing what he thinks of it here! Wishing him a safe and happy journey
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Oh, he has his orders to bring feline presents (and he adores our cats and is always looking for present for them )

He will be spending one day in New York so I guess presents will come from there... You know, anything can be ordered online these days so it's really hard to ask for anything special from the US. I can't think of anything that I can't either get here or get through the internet.

Well, I'll be talking to him quite a lot I'm sure. He has his cell phone and we plan to have lots of online chats. I will probably phone him at his hotel every night as well. The prices of overseas phone calls are really cheap these days.

I will miss him a lot though - I'll probably whine about it here everyday starting tomorow evening so be warned
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You can whine to us all you want Anne! That's what friends are for!! ( for whining to that is!) I know you will miss him, but you still have us until he returns!!! (not the same though, huh! )
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my boyfriend leaves me all the time! he once spent a year in korea. in fact he hasn't even been back for a year yet. tomorrow he leaves AGAIN (for 2 months possibly 3), but this time he'll be close enought that we will see each other some weekends.

you can lean on us anytime!
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Anne, I hope the time passes quick for you. If you are not used to being seperated then it is hard. Hubby used to deploy to Antarctica for 6 months at a time for 5 years. I couldnt call him, he had to call me or use the internet. It was hard at first. Now I wish I could send him away since he is on shore duty..LOL.
As for presents. It's hard to say. I would guess it depends on your taste and likes. I would have to say to bring back anything that will save on shipping costs! I am in the US and because I am in stinky CT, it's hard to find authentic mexican food. Living in CA all my life spoiled me and now I crave it and search EVERYWHERE for it. I hope you get something you really like!!
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Well, the first night alone has passed - 6 more to go.

He phoned in yesterday while I was at the vet's with the rooster. Left a message that he was at Chicago and flying to Kansas City. He should be in Lawrence Kansas by now. I'll call him later on today (he has a cell phone with him!).
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He is very close to where I live, then....Iowa. And my gosh!! Does his cell phone reach from here to Isreal??? WOW...talk about a roaming plan!!!
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Sandy, stop being mean about Connecticut - after all, I was born here! We may not have Mexican food the way you are used to, but we do have, well, we have, um, we have - oh yeah, insurance companies! Seriously, Anne, I am sure you husband will look appropriate no matter what he decides to wear - there really is no right or wrong in dress here. I hope he has a good visit here.
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