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i got my date for the fundraiser....

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it will be on March the 30th, on a Sunday, a bake sale infront of Wal-Mart!
the proceeds will go to the spay/neuters of the feral colony that I have been feeding since last November! ok now things are starting to move forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy! I went to talk to a gal,
whom is also one of us, and she said, "go ahead and start trapping a couple at a time and I'll pay for them" OMG!! this is big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much more to do! I just wanted to update everybody on my progression!Still have much to do and people to talk too! so I better get busy! have a great day!!

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Monique, what FABULOUS news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All your persistence and hard work is starting to pay off.

OK - so on March 27 I'm going to bake three batches of brownies. When they're cooled, I'll cut 'em up and individually wrap them, and I'll just have to overnight them on Friday for Saturday delivery.

Please PM me your address!


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Yeah!!! Congrats on getting that set-up. That is a perfect day seeing as it is my birthday. Hey, where in Texas are you? I am also in Texas so was just wondering.
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I've got in on my calendar to bake the brownies!

How are things coming together?

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you know, I can't really say..... I need to start calling and reminding the
ones I have talked to about baking for this. It's almost like I hate to call
them too soon, that they might forget by this weekend! and then again I don't want to wait too late to call and they tell me they already have plans!
Next thing is I have to call tomorrow and make an interview time with our local paper, so they can do an article for me! the paper comes out on Saturdays which will be great, and I know the girl down there and she'll do
whatever I want so it will help! I know they are going to want to take my picture and crap I don't want it taken! oh well! thanks so much for the the brownies in advance! Laurie, you really don't have to do that! I know you will though so really thanks for being so thoughtful!! I wish everyone would of caught on, but I think the problem with that was, not alot of people, are in the caring for strays forum, well not all the time! I think people didn't see it whenever you posted that..... anyway, I am getting nervous! I have been really busy working on starting my own shops in the cafepress. com, I have made a few things to put on there for the cats! I can honesty say this,.
I will be so glad when this week and weekend is overWhat time do you think I need to start the bake sale? it's on Sunday but wal-mart is really busy on sundays here! Saturdays were taken for a couple of months, and what will
I do if it rains? I hope I end up with enough things to sell!........ok sorry about that I kinda freaked out, too much to do right at the last minute!
scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had better go to bed, any suggestions woiuld
be greatly appreciated!!
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I wouldn't worry too much about the rain - doesn't the Walmart down there have a section with a covered overhang? All the Walmarts around here do. ????? Or maybe they'll let you set up your table inside that general entrance before you actually go in the store.

I bet you're going crazy right now. But what fabulous news about the article!

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This is so exciting! Good for you! I wish you the very best of luck; I'll be sending you all kinds of good energy that day! (To make up for my lack of baking skills! )
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That's really great news, Monique! You go, girl!!

I'd like to donate to the cause, but since I'm now a "expectant Meowmy", my hands are full myself, waiting for the upcoming arrivals. Soon there will be even more mouths to feed after Salem delivers..

Since I used to work at Wal-Mart and pretty much know when the busiest times are, I would say you should start your bake sale around 2 PM - after the church crowd gets out of church - because a lot of them head to Wal-Mart afterwards. At least that's the way it was at the Wal-Mart I worked at. Just a suggestion..

Good luck with everything!

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OK - the first two batches of brownies are cooling down. The next one will be done soon. Just have to wait for them to cool enough. Then I'll cut them up, wrap them in saran wrap and tie them up with ribbon.

BTW - they're made from scratch, not a mix. And I didn't burn the baker's chocolate.

When they're wrapped, Gary's going to use the vaccuum sealer to help keep them as fresh as possible (he knows how to do it without completely mushing them). We've got lots of boxes and packing, so hopefully they'll arrive in good shape.

that your friends remember to bake!

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Couldn't find the ribbon, but they're all cut and wrapped. I figure the bows will get crushed shipping them anyway, but I am sorry about that. I just hope the brownies don't get too crushed.

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Monique, I sent you a PM, but so it's out there - brownies weigh a LOT!!!!!!!!!!! It was going to cost $120 to send them so they'd get there on time.

I don't know what we're going to do with four batches of brownies (I ended up making 4) - I'm sure we'll find takers. But at that cost, I'm going to donate money to Monique's kitty rescue fund rather than send them. 4 batches at 18 brownies per batch isn't worth the amount of money it would take to get them there.

Monique - I'm so sorry about this! I just had no idea it was going to be SO much! Next time I'll have to make something really FLUFFY.

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Sending prayers and vibes that Sunday, March 30, people are moved to buy from and donate to your fundraiser
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Thanks everyone for the good energy and vibes! I had to reschedule the bake sale because of the rain, so it is set for next Sunday, April 6! Laurie please no worries! Please don't feel bad, I had no
idea what the cost would be for shipping those brownies, I never thought
about it! It's the pure thought that counts to me! To think that you would
even do something like that for me and ferals, speaks volumes to me about
what kind of person you are! I just really appreciate the moral support,
that alone has been tremeduous! I do have the article that was in yesterday's paper......well I'll post it in a little bit, my printer won't turn back on so I need to such down my computer, but I don't want to have to write this post I'll be back intouch......I hope it's ok if I post the article in here? If not someone let me know, I'll check here before I do it! Thanks and love!!!

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I'd love to see the article!

I'm sorry you got rained out - but VERY cool that you got a new date right away. I sure hope the switch doesn't cause problems with people helping to bake stuff!

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I'm sorry you had to change the date due to the weather, Monique. I was wondering about that, b/c we got those storms, too. But at least you were able to get another date. Hopefully next week won't be a washout, too!

If you send me your address in a PM, I'll send you a little something for the cause. It won't be much, but every little bit helps!

Good luck next week!

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I'm sorry you got rained-out, but sending vibes for beautiful weather and fantastic turnout for the next date! Good luck!
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I feel so loved!! Thank you to everyone that is following my story!!
All of the encouraging words and vibes! WoW!!! I am going to post this
in here, I don't really know where it should be other than here, so
I apologize to the mods in advance! here is my article from the local paper!

Jace is the one on your left, and of course the one on the right is Zach he
is like my second son! Seriously he has been with us quiet a bit, helping quite a lot with the cats, both boys have huge hearts! Zach also designed
a T-Shirt that will be for sale in the at my shop which I'm almost thru setting up!!! I hope some will buy a shirt whenever I get it open!!! I will let you all know! of course all proceeds from that will also
go to benefit the cats!!! The article brought me some calls, from folks wanting to help!anyway I need to get busy! Thanks again!
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Sending prayers and vibes that you get lots of wonderful volunteers as well as a great turn-out for your bake sale next Sunday
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I can't read the article, Monique, but I think it's really cool that the newspaper printed it up! It should (hopefully) get you more exposure towards your cause..

You go, girl!

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