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Grouchy pants!

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As many of you are, I am still waiting on babies! I have seen movement now for about 2.5 weeks, and she is beyond enormous. She tries to fit through places and her stomach gets her stuck! Poor double-wide girl! She has has her colostrum for about week and a half and over the last couple days she has seemed to "bag", which feels like her milk is coming in. I haven't seen any discharge from her, but today I couldn't believe when I saw my 2-year-old gently bump into her she meowed lowdly and swatted her! She has never once swatted at the kids! She is definitly in a bit of a mood. I expected delivery by last weekend, so apparantly my dates are way wrong. Maybe she is just carrying a bunch of kittens!
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Well, good for a healthy delivery!! It certainly sounds like she's getting really close, and by the way you're describing it it sounds like she's got a big mess of kittens in there.
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Originally Posted by Cocoalily View Post
Well, good for a healthy delivery!! It certainly sounds like she's getting really close, and by the way you're describing it it sounds like she's got a big mess of kittens in there.
I was really hoping for 2-3 at the most, but I'm thinking I'm going to have a mess of kittens too! She is busting at the seams, I just don't know how her little body can get any bigger. I have to think she is close, but on the other hand she is spending no time in her birthing boxes, and she is not losing any fluid or anything else. The only thing is her mood! She freaks out when I touch her tummy sometimes, and other times it's fine for a minute or two. She just lays at the bottom of the stairs and looks miserable. For her sake, I hope the end is near. I am not in a particularly big hurry just because I know I will probably not ever have another pregnant kitty in the house and I am simply enjoying the experience... I know she will have them when she and babies are ready!
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I think my original calculations were off for when rupy got pregnant. I think when I first noticed she was only 3 weeks or maybe a little less because the first thing I noticed was her belly getting larger, and then about a week later, her nipples began to change. The way I figure, she probably isn't even due until this weekend, so I am going to quite thinking about it until Saturday! He HE HE!
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When you figure out HOW to quit thinking about it, plmk!! I'm watching Pennie with hawk eyes, waiting.
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I know, I am trying to just let her be. I also have 1.5 week old chicks I'm taking care of, so we are about to have a really full house! I am just hoping I can find homes for all my little darlings once they are born... I am sure if I post pictures at the local country store that I will be able to find good families, who can resist a sweet baby face? I just hope people are willing to pay the money for the kittens that I spend to have them spay/nutered. If not, I guess I can keep them! We live in the country and have a lot of mice! Luckily not in the house very often, credit to my two kitties and my dog!
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Ms Friskers has been randomly grouchy too... she was a recent rescue from the parking lot, so perhaps she just is grouchy, but I'd interacted with her a lot outside, and she'd never ever clawed or bitten me, and from time to time now, I'll be petting her, she'll be purring happily away, and then out of the blue, it seems like I'll hit a spot she doesn't like or something, and she'll growl and swat me, or grab me with her teeth. I've been chalking it up to pregnancy crankiness... I mean, we let pregnant women be a little cranky, right? And they only (usually) have to carry around one new critter!
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