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do you remember when i lost gigi?

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back last november i lost gigi, she is the cat in my avatar. i did get a few sightings after i made flyers with the exact same picture of her on them.
one call was from someone who lives about a mile from me. if you take the woods behind my house, it ends up exactly at this house. Is where the story of buddy begins. i did go straight over there that morning to check out this sighting of a gray cat. i got out and called gigi for quite awhile. i walked all through that neighborhood, and finally here came this cat, he was all gray but he was a he it was obvious, and if i didn't know any better i swear he probably fathered my kitty, because they were so much alike even down to the faint rings around their tails! he was so friendly and loving, well fed, being disappointed, i shed a few tears, and finally left.
it took him until the 1st of january to find us, but there on my deck looking through my window, was this beefy gray male! so naturally I fed him and heated up some blankets in the dryer and made him a bed where he slept that night, he would leave before daylight, going back home through the wood. i found out he had just came up to this girls house last april. she had fed him daily but being a Tom he was always roaming! i know this girl. so i
decided to call her a few weeks ago! i told her i was going to take him to get fixed, she said that was fine with her, and if i wanted him i could have him, she is hardly home! one night last wk. he came over and i had the carrier out and he went in it to check it out, and we shut the door on him , covered
it with a lose blanket and the next day on our way to the vet, he is now neutered, do you know that a male that is 4 or 5 yrs of age, and their testicles have already dropped, that when you get them neutered they still leave one testicle. I had no idea!
the girl up at my vets office wanted him, she said he was so loving and totally precious! so now Buddy is fixed,we had a bad storm that started sunday evening and i guess he made his way back over to the other
ladies gargage. cause i haven't seen him since. he'll be back probably this
evening! oh and i have to tell you the most awesome thing he does!
whenever he starts to drink from the bowl of water, he takes his paw, dips it down in the water and drinks off of his paw, dip-drink, dip-drink! i took a video of him doing this but my phone won't let me send it anywhere, it says file exceeds,? it will only let me record a 15 or so second video, so i wonder why it say it exceeds? it is too cute! i'll keep trying to send it!!!
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Wish I could help with sending the pic from the phone, but I don't have the first clue.

But what a wonderful story! I hope he shows back up safe and sound.

So are you going to adopt him to the girl from the vet's office?

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I'm sorry that it wasn't your cat but I am so happy that the one you saw found you! It's so good that he is now neutered and healthy and that he will be finding a forever home. What a great story!

My Jimmy does that drinking with his paw too! It's very odd...He also eats with his paw too.
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Hi, I haven't seen Buddy since before that storm hit last Sunday. So
after I dropped my son off at school, I drove up at the gals house. I didn't see him anywhere, I was about to leave when she came out, she said,
he is back here on the porch! Sure enough there was my boy, well her boy,
he heard my voice and so he popped up and we loved on each other!
she told me to take him home, since I was worried about him, I said, he will make his way to my house if he wants too! I left, that was Wednesday,
it has been really nice outside, (until today, we are receiving 2 to 3 inches of snow, as we speak) anyway, still no Buddy! I started to think maybe something had gotten him! I couldn't stand it any longer, I didn't want her to
tell me that she hasn't seen him either, but I had to know.....when she answered I asked is he still there? she said , yes! he is in the garage!
I am so glad I called her! I was so worried!! I guess his true love is with her!
He got neutered and calmed down, he is where he wants to be! My feelings are hurt, but as long as I know that boy is ok? I am!
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