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Kitty condos!

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Do you have one? do your cats love it? where did ya get it and what did you pay?

I got one for my boys for christmas. they love it!! It is over 7 feet tall. I'll post a pic of the top half. We got it off ebay and payed around 157 +45 for shipping. NOt too bad, i never thought i would find on for under 300!
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I know my two would have loved it. Although I would have had to be careful of being dive bombed upon from up there. Mine loved to be on top of the microwave on the fridge, the higher the better they seemed to liked it.


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moemoe was standing on the top of the doors so we thought it was time. they really love it. they are big kitties and i was worried about them fitting and it being good for them, but so far it has been purrfect!
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Yes I am sure they love it too!!!!

I honestly think mine thought that it was their rightful place, (above all their human rellies) and especially when that fool dog came in........

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Here are my monsters, their both over 6 feet. I paid $100 for the first one and $250 for the second. scratching post 1
scratching post 2
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i'm trying to teach them when they see the dog to go up on the top...but instead they run up to the dog hiss at her and smack her. Poor girl, she just wants to play!! I have been trying to get them to be friends but it just is taken a longgggg time :LOL:
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Yup! We do, we've had this one for quiet a while and it's starting to reach it's prime, we want to get a new one, maybe a couple, and we want ones that go all the way to the celing, I'd be nice to have one out there, and then one in our bedroom, so our cats will wrestle on that in the morning instead of US (aka our bed.)

I had some other ones living in Maine, smaller but a bunch of them.
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We only have one cat tree at the moment, but it's a doozie! I got it on eBay from a woman who was moving, it was too big for her new apartment. I had to rent a UHaul and drive to New York City to pick it up, but at $30 for the tree and $125 for the UHaul, I think I still got a bargain. I have seen these trees online for several hundred dollars! It's about 7' tall.

Incidentally, the woman I bought it from had 2 Rexes and a Sphynx. The Sphynx was a littermate of Mr. Bigglesworth!
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I love the tree ones!! they are so cute. I saw a castle one I liked alot but it wasn't high enough. I figured if i'm going to get one I may as well get a big one! if my online business does well i might get them the castle one too....i'll need two if i bring those kittens in :LOL:
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I want the castle one, too! It is so cute! But too expensive. I like the one with two palm trees and a hammock stretched between, too.

We bought an unfinished pine bookcase/shelf unit from Walmart last year and some of the cats prefer to scratch on the bare pine wood. It was only $30 and it's pretty sturdy, so I don't mind. The top is Lilith's favorite place to nap, not only because it is high up, but also because we keep towels up there.
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I found some plans for sale on the internet (none of the free ones had condos in their plans, and I wanted Willie to have a hidey hole). Since they were only $10, I sprang for them, and they seem really simple, so I just have to get materials and borrow tools. Here's to hoping that this project actually gets done!
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I heard from a guy who makes these cat posts for a living that if you have a post with a cubby hole, it will attract fleas, even if your cat doesn't have fleas and there are no fleas in your house, a cubby hole is the perfect place for them to hide and breed. I dunno, sounds suspicious to me, but it has prevented me from getting any post like that.
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i have never heard that about flies that is kinda odd. My boys don't even go in the house part. they did when we first got it but haven't in a long time.
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I got one about a month ago, and I love it. But more importantly so do my cats! I have had many over the years, and I have to say that this one is the best built I have seen. The people who designed it have cats,and it shows!

Here is a review I did about it- I encourage those of you who don't have a condo to invest in this one, it has all your cat needs.

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OMG i bid on that kitty condo!! that is the one i really really really wanted. But it went to over 200 dollers and hubby said no much over 150. I'm very happy with the one i got but i really love that one .

And I agree. everyone needs a good kitty condo. the boys love to climb up and down it and there is almost always one of them sleeping on top of it.
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We have 2 that we've made from scrap lumber and carpet we had around. We usually have some chunks of logs around too, so we used those in one. It sure saves a lot of money. You could probably get scrap carpet and lumber from housing projects, but ask before taking. Or call a company that sells carpeting and see if you could get scraps.
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sometimes i wonder about myself....

My grandparents own a carpet company. I should be making condos and selling them :LOL: Oh well, i don't think i'm that handy!
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I've wanted to make one for my cats for a while now, but I must admit I'm not that much of a handy man! I'd like a tall one about 6 or 7 foot, but what would be a REALISTIC cost for a do it yourself job? Are we talking drastically different then just buying a premade one from a company?
We got this tree one when they were kits it was plunty big for them then, we've had it for about 3 years and we've never had a problem with a flea infestation there (or any where really.) But I do vacum it out every week and spray it with a germ sanitizer like lysol and let it sit and air out for a while before the cats play with it again.

My cats LOVE the cubby holes, it's a great place to sleep and pounce on eachother, lol the one we have has a hole on the top as well, so they can get attacked from all angles.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
We only have one cat tree at the moment, but it's a doozie! I got it on eBay from a woman who was moving, it was too big for her new apartment. I had to rent a UHaul and drive to New York City to pick it up, but at $30 for the tree and $125 for the UHaul, I think I still got a bargain.
I love this cat tree!!

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Originally posted by AngelzOO
I'd like a tall one about 6 or 7 foot, but what would be a REALISTIC cost for a do it yourself job? Are we talking drastically different then just buying a premade one from a company?
We'll be making one for Nakita as soon as the weather is warm. I've seen other people make them for $80 - $100 dollars. From what I have seen at Meowhoo and Petsmart, the same trees go for easily $200+ YOu can get them cheaper on ebay.

I'll post some pics when we finish ours. I'm getting so excited for the warmer weather!

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We have a small kitty condo, but our cats won't touch it. They have a policy: If we bought it for them, they don't want it. They're hideout of choice is an old box that my husband cut a door into. They play in the dang box and leave the kitty condo in the corner!
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I bought a very small post from petsmart and my boys had it ripped apart in weeks. this one i got from ebay is holding up great. the person i got it from doesn't have any up right now but this is the auction i won it one

I was in love with this one also...but it always goes up pretty high in price
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When I lived in Maine, I used to have 1 on these. But we got them all from Walmart. They lasted a long time, infact they're still intact, but I no longer have them.

And 2 of these.

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i have two of those. my boys are WAY go big for them. So they are just around. every once in awhile they will sit on top of one but other then that they just stick there toys in there sometimes.
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We've had several already . Now , my cats have two towers to play on . the first one cost about 50 $ . We have a new one too , and it was FREE ! It is worth about 30 $ , but it came for free with the subscription on a cat-magazine !! Then there is also the leftover of our first tower . The cats love the box that is still in our livingroom too !

and this that free one ! It is even higher than the other one !

here you see the very first one (blue) on top of number two from picture 1
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I bought one from Petsmart about 1.5 years ago... way too expensive really, about $300. It's about 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. It has 4 different levels (one is an enclosed cubby hole).But Spike LOVES it... he's always on it, and I think he gets a bunch of exercise from jumping up onto it as much as he does. So I guess it's worth it.
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I think that tree one we have was like $200 or $250 We bought it from pet value. (I know rip off!) But I bought it with 2 other people so we all went in on it. We were excited at the time

LOL, 2 of my cats can't fit into those scratching posts I just showed either! But they were always determind too! Fur tails and some legs sticking out the hole but that's alright, at least Isha wised up and started sleeping on top of them, lol.
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