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So, if anyone had any doubts that I am the clumsiest person alive...

last night, the bathroom lightbulb blew. I'm short, so I have to use the stepladder to change it, which was upstairs. So I'm carrying the (huge, metal) stepladder down the stairs, when, of course, I slip. And land right on my back (which is bad to begin with) at full-force, slam both elbows into the steps, and smack my chin on the ladder.

I was afraid to try to move for a second, because I didn't know how I was going to react if I couldn't! Luckily, I was able to get up, and I stumbled into the bedroom and just laid there for like, five minutes. Knocked the wind out of me and everything

I have a giant bruise on each elbow, one under my chin, two on my back, and bloody scrapes on both arms and on my shin (how I hit that, I have no idea.)

And to top it all off, I couldn't even change the lightbulb, because I couldn't figure out how to get the plastic covering off My roommate had to do it when she got home.

I woke up stiff as all heck.

Does anybody else have the clumsy gene?!
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Ouch! That definately sounds like something I would do!

I am known to fall down many flights of stairs, but have only severly sprained my ankle once, how that hasn't happened more than once, I have no idea

I walk VERY slowly down stairs, only because I know how bad the fall hurts
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Awwww, that sounds so painful! I hope you are healed very soon

I am not too clumsy physically, but I am verbally somedays
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Oh you poor thing. Once I was walking down the stairs at home, and I slipped and smacked down on my tail bone, hard. Then I proceeded to slide the rest of the way down the stairs on my bum.
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I usually have 2-3 bad falls a year, sometimes I'm left with a concussion from it for a couple days.
Last August I had a funny incident that wasn't too bad. I was sitting on the bed folding laundry and had set the empty basket beside the bed. I stood up, with glass in hand to go get something to drink and take some dish towels to the kitchen. Usual dizziness hit me and I stumbled - left foot went in the basket. I ended up tumbling down and across the floor face first. Had a huge spot of carpet burn on my right elbow and a bruise on my hip from hitting the bed frame, but managed not to break the glass!

If it's possible you could have done some damage to your back you should go have that checked. Hopefully it's just bruising that will heal.
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