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I got an A- on my econ test!!!!

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If anyone remembers, I took microeconomics last semester in college and I struggled really bad with it, it just was not sinking into my thick skull Well, this semester I'm taking macroeconomics and I understand it!!! A good teacher can make all the difference I got my test back last night and I got an A-! Never thought I'd see an A in relation to econ at this point last semester in micro I had a D

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YEA YEA Katie ... Congrates
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Good for you!

A good teacher really does make a world of difference!
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That's awesome! Congrats!
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That rocks Katie! I know how hard it was & how much it sucked last semester, this is a welcome change!!
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Way to go Katie girl!!
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Congrats! I don't think I ever got an A- on an economics test.
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that's great! congratulation's
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Thank everyone!!! I was so excited!!! I hope I can keep it up not changing my major though
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Good job, Katie! I agree - macroeconomics is a lot more interesting and comprehensible than microeconomics. Keep up the good work!
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Want to annoy your professor? Remind him of this quote:

"If you took all the economists in America and lined them up end to end, they'd still all point in different directions!"
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