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I need help?

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I have an 8 year old cat, neutered tom, named Jake. We have had him for 2 years, 99.9% time he is not only as big as a cushion, but as soft and loving as one.

But!! very rarely he decides that I make a good object to attack, and jumps at me with teeth and claws out. It not only hurts but he always draws blood. He jumps off as soon as he jumps on, and disappears. There are no pre-warning signs. I've tried play when I think he might be going into weird mode, but it mostly does not help.

Any suggestions, PLEASE?????

He has never attacked my husband!
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I think he's trying to play with you. That's how they sometimes do it. It's not so much fun on the receiving end.

Are there any red flags? One of my cats is prone to do it more during the summer, when I wear shorts, so I have a lot of exposed leg.

I just put a towel or whatever is handy between him and me, and he realizes it ain't gonna work and goes off a little grumpy.
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Do you exercise him very much? It sounds like he as some extra energy he needs to wear off. We have "Da Bird", which you will hear a lot about on this site, and it's AMAZING for getting a fat lazy cat off the floor and playing. It's a really fun toy for both the cats and the human!

Also, he is the only cat? Even though cats are very independent they do like having a playmate they can pester and play with. Enzo had a biting problem and we got Leya to help with his "mean streak". It worked wonderfully.
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Jake is a lean mean fighting machine, especialy when it is playtime with Mr Mousey! He gets played with several times a day, when he goes daft after a little mouse shaped toy on a long string.
He also not a bad real mouser, he brings back offerings of dead field mice!
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Here's a thought. Is he an indoor cat, and are there outdoor cats around? If so, he could have seen another cat through the window in "his" territory, and this could be aggression that he needed to get out that wasn't directed at you.
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hey Jake's mom,

I think maybe Jake is trying to get your attention, because you said that for some reason he is not doing it to your husband to.

Maybe the best thing is to check with the vet what Jake is trying to tell you.

It's very interesting because my cats (I have three), do it sometimes but not only to me, but to the other family members, and it's not causing us any blood.

good luck
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