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Story of Neo eating a ribbon....

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well on sunday morning dh and I woke up and big plans for the day. we open the bedroom door and the cats don't come running in....very odd.

so i go out to the kitchen and neo is hiding and moemoe is trying smack his butt. So i grab my baby and there is a ribbon hanging out of his bootie. I yelled to dh pulled gently on the ribbon and he let out a awful cry. I'm always very very careful about leaving things around like that. because i know they could choke. So i start crying, I call the vet # it is sunday of course they are closed. So i call the animal ER.... an hour drive away. we go sit in the waiting room for 5 hours.... I'm balwing my eyes out because of all the really sick animals in there and so worried about neo.

Well when we finally go in alot more of the ribbon had come out. the vet pulled gently and that was it. he was fine. over 100 dollers and 7 hours. But i was scared to death it was caught on something in him. So that is the scarist thing that happened with neo! I hope nothing like that ever happens again.
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Wow.. sounds like Neo is a lucky little guy... ribbon/string can be so dangerous. I have to be very careful with ribbon/string around Spike as well... he LOVES it. He's ingested a small piece of ribbon before... luckily, as I worried each night investigating the litterbox, I finally found some shiny red poopie.

I'm glad Neo's story had a happy ending.
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it was weird because the ribbon looked perfect. I still look at him and just shake my head. Now when i'm wrapping i make sure that he is in the computer room (that is where the kitty condo and litter is anyway :LOL: ) and then i do a double check because i don't want that to happen again. Poor neo...moemoe was chasing him trying to hit the ribbon.
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omg thats scary!!!
i am so glad that he is okay!
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I'm glad you took Neo to the emergency vet right away and that he's ok.
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Ribbon is no longer allowed in our house for that very reason.
I used to have a nice gallery of pix of 2 of my cats playing with it... muching it.. playing some more and then eventually trying to eat it, and then I pulled a big peice out of Asim's throat and took a picture of how long it was.
It's amasing how many people responded and never knew of the dangers of it.
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yep ribbons that collers that don't release are both very very dangerous.....
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When I was growing up I had a similar instance with my family's cat. We made a roast for dinner, and we were in the diningroom eating. We didn't know but my cat jumped up on the kitchen counter and took off with the string that holds the roast together.

We didn't even know she ate anything, until we saw some of the string coming out of her (sorry for description!). It was scary and at that point we didn't even know where this string came from! She was fine after it came out, but those felines can eat anything!

Moral of the story: Lock anything edible away from your pets!

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I'm so glad to hear Neo is okay!!!! That must have been very scary!!!! (for you and for him!)
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