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whats wrong sweetheart?

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yesterday night, Uno (5 yrs) was acting fine when he suddenly became really afraid and started sprinting up and down then sitting down and licking himself. he would sprint, sit, and lick and do it over and over again. then he would be all calm again and return to normal. just now he was calm and drinking water and he did it again, his pupils dilated and started licking.
i dont know what is wrong. he is eating drinking and pooping.there is nothing the vet can tell.
any suggestions?
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Treated him for fleas lately?
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Where is he licking?
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this seems like a crazy thing to say but...

Anyone see the last episode of "House"?

That girl was having crazy episodes where she would hallucinate, it had to do with her heart... anyway I thought of this because you said Uno's eye's dilated...

I also thought mini stroke...
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he just got his vaccine about 4 days ago.he is still doing it when he is awake, several times in a row. last night he was showing fever and growling under the bed, then he would dive into my bedsheets and fall asleep.
the vet says that we should watch him for another day or so.
no he has no flees, and he is licking back, tail and legs and biting toes.
has this happened to anyone else?
please send vibes!
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sounds like a reaction to the vaccine.

poor baby.

Many vibes
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My Bradley has mild feline hyperesthesia syndrome where his lower back will start twitching all of a sudden and he will run around crazy and then stop and lick his back roughly. He will then run and lick, run and lick.. It was more frequent when he was younger. His pupils would be dilated as well.
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uno just got back from the vets.
at first they were suspecting kidney stones, after basic examination (no x ray) they concluded that he because he seems to be active he has a mental disorder, we have been given a herbal liquid called homepets that will hopefully calm him down.
on the night he started, we got a new table, he doesnt seem to notice it much but do you think it is the cause?
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