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Daily Thread Tuesday March 4th!

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Good morning my lovelies

Welp, I made it through yesterday somehow. I had a meeting at 8am..then came home at 5..usually, I am 8-3:30 on Mondays. It was alright.

Today got to sleep in that extra hour, so I am g2g.

We are getting a winter storm tonight Have I mentioned yet how much I hate winter?

Trouty gave me a good cuddle this morning...just sitting on my lap here and every few minutes looking up at me soooooo cute Good thing because she was being a little scamp last night

Anyway, have a great daaaaaaaaay folks!
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Morning/afternoon It's a cold day here today and were supposed to get a bit snow

Nearly time to put the nose bag on and i'm ready for it
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Morning all !

Not much going on today it was beautiful outside yesterday. Hopefully today is the same (sunny and spring like )

I just get to run to the bank at lunch and work. That's it. Oh and if its still light by the time I come home I've got to change my air filter in my car.
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Hi there

I'm just lying on the couch messing about on the internet; I hope it's considered 'resting'!! Other wise I'll be bored off my head.
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Sounds like Trout knew she was a ratbag last night and wanted to make up for it! What a sweetie!

Susan, it's snowed here in Denmark, but not much and it's already nearly gone. Usually the load gets dumped on the UK before it gets here! What a great weather barrier the Uk makes!?

I'm doing the old job-hunting routine, though it's starting to feel either a lost cause, or as if I'm just going through the motions. No fun!

Other than that I've got to do laundry and do the dishes - what an interesting little life I lead!
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Morning All!!

Chilly here this morning but at least the sun is shining..

Heading off to work in a bit, have to work late today as I am covering the afternoon shift for one of the girls that has to attend a funeral..

After that to the library and to return a couple of movie's.

I am thinking soup and salad for dinner so will have to check my salad fixings before I leave for work..I have plenty of beef barley soup left from the pot I made yesterday.

Kitties are good watching the war going on between the Blue Jays and the Black Squirrels at the bird feeder.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning all!!

It yet another cold morning (15F) but it sunny outside!!

Did a bit of cleaning this morning and will shower shortly as I want to run a few errands this morning.

A walk on the treadmill this afternoon while watching a TV show I taped last night.
Have to "step" it up as the scale hasn't been registering any weight loss (grrr)

One can tell spring will be here later this month as Bobber has started venturing outside (briefly).

Got REALLY GROSSED OUT yesterday afternoon. Talking with my sis on the phone and was watching my neighbor's dog who seems to have a fascination wth a certain spot down my the raspberry patch. So I got the boots on and trugged down there and found this really odd thing in the snow. I touched it (bare fingers) and couldn't finger out what it was but then thought it might be umm some organ from a rabbit that had been in our yard (like the stomach??) GROSS........................

I get goosebumps thinking about it!!

Anyhow trying a new recipe for dinner a turkey pot pie with a stovetop stuffing "crust".

Have a good one!!
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good morning!! I drove to work this morning with my sunroof open! It was so nice... We're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, though...

I got word today that I'll be starting PERMANENT with my job on Monday!! I've been a temp so far. I'm so excited! Plus there is a raise involved!
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hello everyone! am having a lazy day! havn't done anything so far, i don't plan to either hehe!
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We are supposed to have bad weather today. 15cm of snow and 5-10mm of rain. I wish the snow would just stop.

I have to work 5-9:30 tonight. It is just a short shift, but I still really do not want to go.
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Hey all - haven't been on much. Work has increased and I am keeping pretty busy.

Storm headed our way tonight - I am so tired of snow.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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