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Urgent Help Needed

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A friend of mine just called, its midnight and shes in a panic. She just bought this old house, and has lived in it for 2 days now, well tonight while a friend was over visiting, they heard little meows. They searched everywhere and after listening to the walls pinpointed the area, and knocked the wall down, and found 4 itty bitty kittens, she says they cant be but a couple days old, they still have their umbilical (sp?) cords, shes put them in a box with blanket, in a warm spot.

Mommy is no where to be found, and probably a wild cat. They are very hungry she says, I have told her not to give them people milk, as that is not good for them. Shes afraid they wont make it through the night without some kind of food.

What can she feed them?
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That young, you can feed them the kitten milk sold at petstores I do'nt know if you can find anything open that late however!
Forgive me I cant' remember what it's called, but it's designated kitten milk.
I think they sell it at grocery stores and walmart too, but I don't know how good those ones are. You will have to feed a lot and VERY often.

You can also go here for kitten formula recipies!




Good luck! Keep those kittens warm!
Pet them to keep up with good circulation since there mother isn't around to lick them. And you'll have to help them with their elimination process.
And check to see if the momma cat comes back around.

If you get worried please do not hesitate to call a vet and bring them in.

Caring for Kittens
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Great thank you I will pass along the info to her. I told her to call around to vets and the humane society first thing in the morning, perhaps someone will have a nursing mamma kitty, or a foster mamma kitty.

Hopefully this info can get them through the night.
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Her best bet is to keep these little ones as warm as she can. The best way would be to take a pillow case, fold over the open end and place a rope under the lip (to make a type of purse) put warmed towels (from the dryer) in the bottom of the pillow case, building up the levels even (so the kitties can't fall through the cracks in the cloth) sling the pouch over her neck and shoulder, so it is even with her heart, put the tiny ones inside, then put on an old flannel shirt, buttoning it most of the way up the front but still leaving air so the kits can breathe, and wear them.

If she doesn't want to do that, she needs to put them someplace very warm (at least 90 degrees) BUT no human heating pad. If she has a fireplace, have her put some big rocks in the fire until they are hot, then wrap them with big towels and put them near the kittens, but not one them (obviously) The kittens need KMR (Kitten Replacement Milk) you can usually get that in the grocery store, but they are too young to understand bottle feeding, and will probably need to be tube fed. They must be fed every two hours, and stimulated so they eliminate their stool and that they pee. This is done with warm water soaked cotton. You want to rub their bellies in a gentle circular motion duplicating a mother cat's tongue action.

Any idea where the mom cat is? If she is still around, she is going to be frantically looking for these babies. Honestly, these kittens need to go to a vet NOW! Best of luck to her-
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Any update on these little kittens?

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Thank you everyone for your help and concern. The next morning the Humane Society contacted her to let her know they had a foster momma kitty available. I am happy to say the kitties are all well and happy with their new momma. As for the old momma, she hasnt seen her

I have saved all the great tips and information in a file on my computer, so incase this ever happens again I can share the info.

Thanks Again!!
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Oh, thats wonderful news!
Thanks for the update.
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Thanks for the update! I was worried about those little ones!

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Phew! I was so worried. Did mom ever come back? She must be frantically looking for her babies.
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Please let us all know what happened!!!!
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Thanks for the update! I'm glad the kittens have a foster mom now.
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oh..... i love kittens

One tip i read from a pet care book was to place a TICKING clock at their sleep area. (wrap in a towel or something.)

This way, it sounds like it is their mommy's heartbeat.

My Japanese Chin, Karen Hemjoy, gave birth to 4 pups before, and i was their mommy, as Karen did not breast feed.

Weaning can be fun!


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