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do you wear a watch anymore.

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doing some reading, and research is showing that less people wear watchs now then they used to. Granted i am one of those. i very seldom wear a watch anymore. i have cell phone and pager.(i hate both,and forget them all the time), at work there are clocks on the computer and phone. so why do i need a watch..

i have this one that i use when flying

and a old watch for scuba diving (so old that i can not even find it on the net anymore)

so the questions is do you wear a watch anymore.
i will say no i dont. 90% of the time.
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I wear a watch daily, but I have to take it off when I scrub. I'm constantly leaving it in the pocket of my cover-up jacket, and forgetting it in my locker, when I leave work. I feel naked when I don't have it on! I have a pager and a cell phone too, but I never think to look at them, because my watch should always be on my wrist. Maybe it's a nurse thing....
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Yes i always wear mine unless im doing the dishes or having a shower.

I feel naked when i dont wear it, and at work i need a watch as we dont have a clock in each class room
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I wear one to work only, not on weekends.
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I did, until the battery on my less than a year old Timex died and I never got around to taking it in and getting another battery. I realized I didn't really miss it since I have my cell phone and iPod with me all the time, and they display the time.
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Nah, I keep dunking it in buckets of bleach water at work because I forget to take it off!! I've just given up on having it on altogether. The only jewellery I wear these days is my engagement ring. Even earrings are for special occasions!!
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I almost always wear a watch. It was just a habit I started when I was a kid and now when it's more like a reflex to grab my watch. In 20 years I'll probably be part of a minority of people who can actually read a standard watch (I try to stay away from digital).
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I always wear a watch..my watch is awesome and the most expensive thing I own!
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This is an interesting question.

I always wear a watch once I get dressed in the morning. When I'm on the road, I wear my watch all the time, except when I'm showering.

Now, the funny part. We grew up extremely poor. I mean dirt poor. Almost all of my clothes were from Goodwill or the Salvation Army or some other charity. I never had a new bicycle. In fact, I only had one bicycle, which I shared with my younger brother. It was a girl's bike we got from the Salvation Army store for $5 (hey, we're talking about 1962 or so here!). I had one really nice jacket given to me in the 3rd grade, and it was stolen the first day I wore it to school. I never had a watch until I was working (16), except for an old non-working watch given to me by a family friend. I stayed awake all night watching the glowing hands! I usually got one new pair of shoes each year.

So, now, I have this thing about jackets, shoes, and watches. I probably have 20 watches that I've bought over the years, all still working, in my "junk" drawer in my dresser. I have a LOT of jackets, and I have a hard time resisting any new ones that I like. And I have a lot of shoes (maybe 10+ pairs), some of which I've never worn more than once or twice.

OK, enough for the confession couch!
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I feel naked without my watch, if I forget it it drives me nuts
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When I worked in an office I wore one everyday.
Now I usually don't but I do have one that attaches to my tool belt that I should wear instead of going to the truck and checking the time!!
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No I don't wear a watch either. I always have my pager with me if I really need to know the time.
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I don't think I have worn a watch in over 20 years.

Not since they started putting dashboard clocks in just about all types of cars.

I have noticed, however, that if I ask people what time is it, they will go right to their cell phones to check.
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I don't, mainly because it is so hot here most of the time, and I like big watches. and they don't mix! everything becomes too hot for me to wear! even a watch!
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In have an nice Fossil watch, but the battery ran out and I guess I'm lazy cause it's been that way for almost two years... It's been in a drawer ever since.
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I don't know how to answer.. I only wear one occasionally
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Sometimes. It depends on where I'm going and how I'm getting there.

If I'm using "Handi Transit" which depends on set times for my scheduled rides, then yes, I wear a watch so I don't miss my ride.

At the gym I take my watch off while I'm there and put it on again when I leave.

If I'm finding my own way to a place IE: taxi cab or getting a ride instead of using Handi Transit, I don't bother wearing a watch.

At home I never wear a watch.
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I don't wear a watch only because I have a really bad metal reactions and I can't wear a leather band either I need to buy a fairly expensive watch to not have a reaction and I haven't been able to get one yet!
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I quit wearing one because I'd catch it on everything. Drove me nuts, I'd break them all the time!
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I use to wear a watch daily, but over the last year, I have probably worn one, once.
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I don't wear one, only because I don't have one.
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Yes, I do when at work and when travelling.

I need to wear my watch at work, if I don't I'd keep talking on over my allotted time and the students would get restless

I wear a watch when travelling. But when I'm at home or on holiday where I have nowhere in particular that I need to be, then I don't want to be bound by time and so don't wear a watch.
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yes90% if the time I am out of the house I do ....
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Never worn one since I was a kid and those old Rugrats watches were 'the thing'. I just look at my cell now for the time.
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I haven't worn a watch in a long time! I've had my eye on a nice Fossil one for awhile though
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Nope...not for years. I can't stand having anything on my wrist.
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Nope - interferes with my "mousing" at my computer and there are clocks on my computer and mobile phone... so,......
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No watches for the last twenty years. I'm a MRI tech, watches don't work in the magnet. Analog ones get their hands magnetized and stop and digital ones have battery problems and stop while in the magnet. I look for clocks, check computers....or ask someone with a watch on.
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i nearly alway's wear my watch! i try not to sleep with it on though, as it start's to annoy me LOL!
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