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Solved the "Whodunnit" mystery!!

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The keyboard was sprayed, several spots in my bedroom sprayed, & tonight my 16 y/o lil sis was sprayed! (Proud of the kitty who did it, she deserved it!)

The culprit is.....

The Chairman Squishy Meow!!

I'm calling the vet ASAP tomorrow. I shut him in the bathroom for now & he has thoroughly "blessed". He's sprayed all over.

So, he'll get into the vet ASAP for the spraying & can get the weight checked out.

I feel bad I didn't know it was him, I didn't even guess it. He's neutered, & I'm going with 13 years old (happy medium in age guess) I wouldn't be surprised if he had a few health issues causing this.

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Many being sent for "the Chairman!"
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Lots of vibes may it be a easy diagnosis and fix
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Oh Nat, you have so much going on over there ...sending many many vibes
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Oh how awful, yuck! Glad you caught him! Good vibes for your appointment!
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on the way! for an easy answer.
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For a male at 16 years, I'd say a sudden change in behavior like this is probably kidney trouble. I hope it all turns out all right.
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sending lots of for the chairman.
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Lots of vibes for Squishy!
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He goes in at 2PM today.
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for Squishy...I hope it was just a sudden urge to be a frisky young man again and nothing big!
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Sending lots of vibes his way!
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Sending lots of vibes.
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Good luck to the Chairman... and to you!
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Well he did everything he had to in the carrier before we got to the vets!

He's there overnight.....not sure when I'll get to pick him up.
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OH you poor thing!! You go through so much!!! for Squishy!!!

at your sister though since you said she had it coming
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I'm worried about him, he doesn't like cages (understandably), & the vet had a concerned looked on his face.

BTW - He has a heart murmur!!!
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Awwwh, poor guy, I'm sure it brings back memories for him....

for him to come home with no major problems....
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Poor little guy.
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Oh, dear... for Chairman Squishy.
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Lots and lots of coming your way~
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Just heard from the vet, he was peeing like solid blood!!! Massive infection, so he's on meds for that.

Pain free appreciated.
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Sending mega for Mr. Squishy! I hope its a simple infection and meds can clear this up for him!!

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Aw. Poor Squishy!
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poor squish

mega vibes for painless recovery
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Awww sending lots of painless vibes.
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I hope the meds work quick as lightning so Chairman Squishy can feel better soon.
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Fat knothead! I brought him back down to the basement for re-intros to the clan. He immediately peed on the wall!

I can't be mad, it's medical, I know. I cleaned it up. Looks like he'll be spending the next few weeks confined to the bathroom a lot, poor boy!
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Awww the poor baby!!! Lots and lots of for a quick recovery!
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