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When it Rains it Pours!

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One of my friends (my sis-in-laws first cousin) was shot and killed yesterday by her ex-boyfriend. She lived in a well wooded area he was hiding in the woods waiting for her to get home, he shot and killed her went into her house and got their daughter and shot his ex's boyfriend in front of Chole(his daughter) then shot and killed himself in front of Chole...Chole is in shock, she still has not spoken. She is only 5 years old. It is a very rough time for the family, I am still very much in shock as is My SILS family they just lost her great grandpa and now Mandy(amanda) her mom lost her dad and daughter in a 3month time span. Can my SILS family have some and prayers to help them get through this!

Here is the news link if you want to read the story it is on that page the story title is Murder-Suicide claims 3 victims.
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Wow, that is so sad. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sending tons of vibes for you and your entire family!
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Thats horrible! Lots and Lots of vibes coming your way!
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Wow!! That is so horrible!!

tons of vibes for the families!
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Oh that's just abominable!! That poor child!! That's a traumatic experience for anyone to go through, but the poor baby is only 5 years old.... She is going to need all the love and understanding and help that can possibly be offered to her - she has a fantastic family who love her very dearly, you guys all need to be superhumanly strong for her now
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That's absolutely awful; what was going through his sick sick mind? That poor child.

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Wow - that is TERRIBLE!! I am so sorry for your loss. I will definately pray for Chloe.
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That's awful.. I feel so bad for that little girl
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OMG, how terrifying I am so sorry for the family

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Oh my goodnes that is horrible!!!! I couldn't imagine going through that. The poor poor girl!!!!

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I am sooo sorry....

I lost my baby sister 15 years ago this April. She was 17 at the time and the crime was just unimagineable for me, mom and my lil brothers... well everyone but it was crazy. It was just god awful. I still think about it and it hurts. I wish there was more I could do for this little girl.

I know that every state has a Victom Advocate program for families of murdered children. This program is to help the family through the ordeal. They should pay for this little girl's counselling if the family chooses to do that.

My family had an advocate and she kept us up to date on what was happening regarding the case. They also provided financial support for the funeral and travel.

I send you lots of supportive vibes to you and your family.
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What a terrible thing. My heart goes out to all of you.
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Sending vibes to everyone involved.
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Here are a few updates. Chole did talk some today, She asked if her mommy could come home soon which broke my heart. I sat down and played barbies with her for a while and we colored a few pictures. She wanted to know why her daddy was a bad man...I had no answer for that. The state has mandated counseling for her starting next Monday. Her grandmother is getting full custody of her which is a very debated issue right now because she is older(in her 60's) and not in the best of health, but she is the only person that Chole was really close to aside from her mother. Right now everyone is still really in shock, it just doesn't seem real even though its all over the news and in the papers here, it just seems so wrong. Please continue to send vibes and prayers their way especially for Chole and her grandma. Chole does understand what death is to an extent, but we are not totally sure she understands that it means you will never see that person again in this life.

Sissy(her grandma) said that on sunday night Chole cried a lot, and kept having nightmares and wanting her dog. They went and got her dog she fell asleep in the floor with Bailey beside her licking her face.
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