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Cross your fingers please.....

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ok...this is it.

Grandpa's first Chemo treatment tomorrow morning. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. I'm very nervous.....

He is not doing well at all. Has been transported by ambulance a few times over the past few weeks. Had to have the drainage tube re-installed into his lung and all in all, is just very weak and tired.

Although I am not convinced he is well enough to subject himself to Chemo, I have to respect his choice.....

On the good side. The Cancer people who are transporting him to the hospital are allowing grandma to go with him. She thought she would have to wait at home.

I'm sorry for always bringing the subject of grandpa up.....I just find I feel better after I do!

He will be 80 on March 13th. His hope it that he will see his 80th birthday. I'm so glad he will get that chance!
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G- i hope everything goes well. i will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

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aww ghys, your grandpa is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Ghys, don't ever feel bad about bringing up anything here. We're your friends, your cyber-family, and we love you. ((((HUGS))))

Lots of positive energy coming up North to you and your whole family, especially your Grandpa. You have to have faith in his doctors. This may be the first time your family is dealing with this illness, but it isn't their first time. They know what they are doing and are doing what they feel is in the best interest of your Grandpa. I'm so glad your Grandma is able to accompany him to his treatments. That should be a great comfort to both of them.
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Originally posted by Ghys
I'm sorry for always bringing the subject of grandpa up.....I just find I feel better after I do!
It's better to talk about this instead of keeping it all bottled up inside. There are people here who are willing and able to give you all the support you need.

My thoughts and prayers are with your grandpa.
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I'm keeping your grandpa in my thoughts.
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Sending positive energy to everyone involved, especially your grandpa.
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sending positive thoughts your way Ghys!
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In my thoughts!
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Ghys - People have amazingly strong emotional resources when facing health challenges, by your Grandpa choosing to do the chemo proves heis a trooper. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts .
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Thanks eveyone! He's on the road as we speak. Blood test at 8:30am (not sure why they are doing that right before his treatment. Maybe this is the way it's done? I was thinking they should have done this a few days ago...)

I'll let you know later how it went.....

Thanks so much for all the usual support. You guys are a blessing....(((HUGS)))
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Ghys, we're here for you, don't ever feel bad for sharing your problems! What kind of friends would we be if we didn't support each other? You and your family are in my thoughts, too.
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Ghys, you and your family are in my thoughts.

Blood test at 8:30am (not sure why they are doing that right before his treatment. Maybe this is the way it's done? I was thinking they should have done this a few days ago...)
Right now, I work in a cancer center. I think they are probably taking your grandfather's blood today to use it as a baseline-as you probably have learned from the Procrit commericals on TV, chemo can affect your blood cells and lead to anemia. So, this is just a way to see what his counts were before treatment started. I know it's done regularly here.
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Ghys, I just wanted to mention something that my nursing home experience has taught me. And that is that some of these elderly people are fighters and they are very tough, they can really surprise you with how much they can take.
Please keep us updated about your grandpa.
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Ghys, they will do a blood test before every chemo. Because chemo attacks all fast growing cells, they have to make sure that his blood levels are still high enough to cope. If the levels get too low, they will miss or postpone that treatment. You should expect that he will have a blood test appointment before every chemo appointment.
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Your grandfather is in my thoughts Ghys.

I think it's really good that he's finally starting the chemo. It will be good for his own mental health knowing he is doing something for himself and coming to terms with his condition.
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Welll....they took the bloodwork and an xray and they put the chemo off until next tuesday. Haven't been told why.

They did discover that he still has water on his lung so maybe that is why they postponed it. He's home now and apparently not feeling well. They re-scheduled for tuesday afternoon. It'll be once a week for 6 to 8 weeks.

(thank you for all the bloodwork info. I had no idea. Feel much better knowing why! )
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I just read this Ghyslaine. I am so sorry he isn't feeling well. I will be thinking of him and sending up prayers on Tuesday...please let us know how his Chemo goes. I hope he is feeling a bit better today. **HUGS** You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!
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Thanks Debby...you are a sweetheart!

I guess he is not doing too badly right now. Called grandma and she said he was resting. What I did not knwo was that they had removed the tube that was draining his lung. Apparently they did some stiches and then an infection set in. He is on anti biotics right now. No more tube though. They have told him that the chemo will clear the fluids from his lung (I hope)

Thanks again for all your well wishes. ((higs to all))

I offered to go up to the hospital on tuesday when he goes. Grandma is going with him. She said no though.... She will keep him company and I will go for a visit perhaps on wednesday. She's happy about that. And, she wants me to bring my 2 little guys. Not sure about that though cause they are pretty active! But...we son't stay long and my grandparents will probably be happy to get to see them too. (as long as it's a short visit)
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Hi all,

Just wanted to give a quick update on gramps.

Well, 2 weeks ago, he went for his first chemo treatment (on the tuesday). On that friday, I took my boys and MIL to visit him. I nearly went into shock. For the first time in months.....he had this beautiful, bright smile......what a sight! I nearly cried on the spot. He said that he slept the whole day on wednesday but...he was feeling great that day. He would not sit still for a minute. Getting the boys chocolate (no way I was telling him not to do that before lunch...) And he kept showing me things in the apt. etc... It was sooooooo wonderful.

His 2nd treatment was this tuesday. It apparently did not go as well. He was given medication (anti-biotics) apparently, it was the wrong kind. Made him sick. The nurse came, got him a new prescription and today...he is feeling good.

All in all, things are going well. He is such a wonderful person. He is remaining positive through this, knowing he does not have much time left.....

This is my bright moment during these difficult times worldwide.....
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Aww Ghys, I am so glad!

((((HUGS)))) and positive thoughts to your grandpa!
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G- thank you for the update! i am glad he is feeling better.
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When you have a diseases such as cancer that seems so out of your control in your body, it always makes you feel better knowing you are trying something and gaining some control back.

Good for him!

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Thanks guys!

Kass....you are so right. I think he feels like he is now doing something and not just sitting and waiting....makes a big difference.
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Ghys, thank you so much for the update! It's so nice for all of us to have something to be happy about, especially right now. Sounds like he's a real fighter, and it is just so, so pleasing to hear he's got such a great attitude. Most importantly, he's feeling well! That is, indeed, wonderful news!!!!

Keeping all of you in my prayers,


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Thank you Laurie! (((HUGS))) right back at you!
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Ghys - I just wanted to let you know I am keeping your grandpa in my prayers!
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thank you so much Ady........(ditto for you. I am praying for many things for you.....(((HUGS)))
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I hope your grandpa continues to do well.
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Ghys, that is wonderful!!! You and your grandpa are in my thoughts, but you know beating cancer mentally is as important as physically.
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