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Kitty saved with kidney transplant!

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This is so amazing
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That is awesome! I like how the donors get a home as well after saving the recipient's life. Such a great concept!
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That is just amazing and wonderful! I agree it is wonderful how the donor gets a new home as well.
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I was going to do that with Yoshi but he had to many Kidney Stones to Qualify. We would have got the Donor. At Uc Davis you have to take the Cat that donates the Kidney to your Cat. I was going to do it.
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Thats wonderful! Rob just asked what they do with the donor cat, and was glad to hear that it also got adopted!
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That's great that the donor also gets a home -- amazing what they can do.
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They also have blood transfusions too, with pet donor lists!
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My Cats had Blood Tranfusions and it saved them. It was at the Er Vet. It cost alot but was worth it. Cats have differant Blood Types and it has to match. We talked about a Kidney Transplant for Stripe too when she had Crf. I wish Yoshi could have got the transplant and lived. Uc Davis explanied everything to me. To bad he didnt qualify. Stripe was older when she got Crf so they didnt want to do one with her.
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