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Probably Paranoid, but...

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This evening Seamus and I were sitting on the couch and I was eating my dinner, and Seamus started wheezing like he couldn't catch his breath... he did this for about 15 seconds, which felt like an eternity as I tried to keep myself from completely panicking, and then he puked a little bit of food and was fine... he's never done this before... and I've had him a little over 2 years... my thoughts are it was possibly a hairball, but it was food he vomited, he swallowed something undigestible, but I can't imagine what, or maybe a food allergy because I gave him a can of wet this morning that was beef, and I think this was a new flavor for him, but I would think that would be worse, and it was out all day without issues.

Should I be watching out for this, or was it just 'nothing', a simple thing I'm overthinking??
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Nova had hairballs, and when she throws up it sounds like wheezing. I think it's because she's trying to not throw up. Most of the time, what came up was undigested food, which my vet said is commonly what comes up when they have hairballs. Maybe keep an eye on it?
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It could be Asthma too. Coco does that.
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It sounds like a hairball, possibly. Did Seamus by any chance move his head back and forth while this was happening?
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You know, I can't remember if his head was moving... it wasn't his 'normal' I'm gonna puke reaction... on the rare occasion he does puke, he goes to a specific spot and just heaves until it comes out, no wheezing... all I kept saying to him was 'please vomit' and it looked like there was hair in the vomit, but it was mostly food... I'm keeping an eye on him and so far, it seemed like a one-time thing for now... so I'm hoping hairball... if it continues I'll def. take him to the vet and have him checked for asthma
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Bea does this when she has a hairball that needs to come up.

I give her a bit of Laxatone or Catlax. It always does the trick.
good luck
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