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Just saw the cardiac surgeon....

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and.... I got the all clear!! WOOHOO! He's really happy with how everything went, and pretty confident that everything they did should last a lifetime - or at least only wear out as fast as someone with a completely healthy heart.

He wants me to start pushing myself a bit harder - walk faster, start exerting myself a bit more, and increase how much exercise I'm doing, then by the start of April, I'll be off all restrictions, and can get back to normal

I'm so so so happy! I mean really, I pretty much knew all this before, to have it confirmed is fabulous!

He said the aortic tissue they replaced was super thin and "cheese-like" consistency. Apparently this is not normal, even when it's in bad shape, it's normally thin, but not so fragile. It's just something else that makes my condition a little more interesting, and it certainly explains why when my dad died, they couldn't fix it - the tissue was probably the same consistency and too fragile to fix given that it had already started tearing and he was already losing blood. Apparently for me that had to go very slowly and pretty much treat everything like they would treat a child's, it was that fragile. I'm soooooo glad it's all fixed
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Modern medicine really is amazing. I just think it's really cool that they were able to fix something as vital and intricate as your heart.

I'm so excited for you!!!!
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That's truly awesome, Sarah! What wonderful news!
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Thats so awesome!!
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What great news!!! Congratulations!!
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Wonderful news Sarah!!
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That is wonderful!!
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That's wonderful news.
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YEAH for Sarah!!!!!!!!!
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I guess I'm coming late to this, but this sounds positive.

My best wishes for you!
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That is awesome sweetie!!
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Yay Sarah!

Does that mean a return to triathlons?
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How wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Yay Sarah!

Does that mean a return to triathlons?
If I get time to train!! I'd like to do one as a team with a friend in summer - she can run and I'll swim and bike. We need to find a good distance that isn't too soon.

I can get back to the pool in a few weeks, and I can start riding again, and give slow (which is my only speed...) jogging a go.
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That is wonderful news, Sarah. Soon you will be so much better and stronger.
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This is wonderful news Sarah.
I am really happy for you.
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That's terrific news!!
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Thanks everyone - both for the kind messages, and being there for me throughout the whole process. It's been great to be able to vent and get sympathy when I've needed it
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Hooray! I'm glad to hear the good news.
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Me too!! It is good to hear some fantastic news for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful you are
going to be fine!!

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Wow, that is fantastic! Really glad to hear you won't have that time bomb inside you any more!
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Oh honey, I'm so happy for you! WOOHOO, indeed!
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that is really great news!!!
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That's wonderful news Sarah!
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I am so happy for you! Hopefully the future just gets brighter and brighter for you!
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It's pretty amazing what can be done nowadays, and the surgeon's good news has probably made up for all the stress and pain, hasn't it?
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What absolutely, utterly fantastic FABULOUS news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most importantly - it means you're going to be with us for many, many, many years!

I'm so glad they caught the problem - and that the skills to fix it exist - and that everything (in the end) went so well.

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That is fantastic!! I'm so happy for you!!
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