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Really Crazy Day today... so far..

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Soo it started around 10 or 11 with me finding out it was Amazingly Warm outside!! so I naturally grabbed the dog ((tried to get Jack to come but he didnt want to )) and went outback for a stroll... theres about 2-3 acres out there. We headed for the woods as always and well theres about... what, 6-7 inches of snow on the ground.
As were headed through the woods, Bonnie ((my dog)), stops dead in her tracks.. looks around then shoves her face in the ground, then starts digging.. so i figured she just got distracted and I was like "Come on Bonnie.. thats enough were gonna walk now.. Come" and all of a sudden I heard Screaming coming from the ground! so I rushed over and if ill be D*mned... she found a Shrew! well Northern Short Tailed to be exact. So we kinda sat there awing at it then it eventually burrowed away... well Bonnie was so Happy with her find that she didnt want to leave it! I had to literally drag her way from it!

So we went on and did our rounds ((which took about half hour)) then headed home. I had been in the house about 5 min when my Cuzin knocked on the door, He knew how miserable I was being stuck in the house, he figured he'd se if I wanted to go to work with him.. OF COURSE!! lol I never get out of the house cuz we live in the middle of no where!
So I went with him.. his work consisted of a Van, a towel, a pamphlet and a Pen.. well he sells Cleaner. So we just kinda drove around, randomly stopping at farms.. there was this one stop we did that caught my eye.. so we drove up to the farm and there was a lil black and brown mix dog sleeping on the porch ((like you se with the Basset Hound in movies)) and the guy came out and my cuzin talked to him then after a min a Sheltie walks up... Missing a Paw!! it was also all dirty and had matted fur and the supposed to be white fur was dirty brown.. and it made me sad to look at it .
I was petting the lil brown dog when my cuzin was telling the guy what the cleaner cleans when he asked the guy if the Sheltie Bites... the first thing that went through my mind was "Oh please dont do it!" and he walks up to the dog with he cleaner in hand and pets the dog.. then walked passed the dog... thank goodness! Knowing him.. he would have "Cleaned" the dog
So then about an hour ago we got home.. well a blocked driveway and lots of snow... and our landlord isnt a good mix... Steve ((my cuzin)) drove through the yard.. into the snow and almost does a donut! thats when I noticed our Landlord next door yea.. the landlord walks across the yard.. which is all mud and slush by now btw... walks around the van to my cuzins side and says "You know.. I rent this place and I dont appreciate you messing up my yard like this.." Steve apologizes and the landlord walks away.. just to let you know the landlord had a horrible attitude that made me wanna punch him in the face!.
So we "Parked" the fan and go inside and tell my mom... who is Horrified to find out the landlord is next door possibly moving in.. let alone finding out Steve trashed the yard. So a few min later Steve leaves and the first thing my mom says is "Bonnies Missing" not good.. cuz shes in Heat!! my mom said she went to chain her up outside and before she could grab the chain Bonnie took off! which btw.. Bonnie can be trusted off the leash.. she wasnt on a leash when we were in the woods.. so why she took off all of a sudden we'll never know.
Bonnie had been missing for about and hour when I got home.. so I grabbed the leash and went looking for her.. asked a neighbor ((very nice neighbor at that! )) if shed seen her and if not than if she does find her to call the number on Bonnies tag. As I was walking back to the house I spotted Bonnie exiting the woods in the back yard so I called for her and she came and was very Submissive and I went back into the house.
Well a Dog in heat, loose for an hour with lots of Unfixed male farm dogs running loose is not a good thing.. I will be expecting a litter in the next 6-8weeks ...
About 15 min later the very nice neighbor knocks on the Door to se if we found Bonnie.. we told her we did. She said her husband spotted a loose dog down the street and wasnt sure if it was ours... I love nice Neighbors!!
Well thats my day so far.. I dont think it can get any worse. Just figured id share.
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I'm sorry you've had such a bad day.... I have one of those "Suposed to be white dogs" Kyra is a nice shade of yellowey-brown.
Let's hope the local farm dogs were all shooting blanks and Bonnie isn't preggers, you don't need that to worry about too.
*HUGS* hope it gets better!
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Aww thank you! I just have had this much.. excitement in a long time.. very overwhelming.
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get her fixed now !!!! She and you will be better off.
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