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Our D.T. for Friday

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Happy Friday everyone

Just gotta get through this day of work!

Anybody have any plans for the weekend? Nothing going on here except maybe some cleaning which is not my favorite thing to do.

woke up with a migraine today but I think I caught it early enough because I'm starting to feel a little bit better. I've already had 1 this week and I don't think I can deal with another one.

The kittys woke me up at about 5 am. they were chasing each other around the bed and OVER the bed. they sounded like a herd of buffalo. I had to tempt them downstairs by feeding them & then shut the bedroom door. but because of my migraine couldn't go back to sleep.

I just have to say one more time Anne, that I love the changes at the site! thank you so much

and Mary Anne, your poem about TCS is so wonderful & deserves to be on the t-shirts. it's just too perfect.

have a great day everyone!
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Poor AP - migraines are horrible! What do you take when you get them? There are some good anti-migraine pills available.

Well... a nice peaceful Friday over here. Hubby's getting ready for his journey (he's leaving Sunday night for one week). I worked on some cat tips most of the day (it's 7 pm here now) and some other site stuff. I need to get an article up for Sunday's update but I'm just not in the mood for writing no more

Oh, nearly forgot to mention spending almost half an hour pulling ticks off our dog She had about 30 of them crawling on her. That's after I took about 30 out last night. They are drawn to her like a magnet... Frontline is no help against ticks and it doesn't even take care of her fleas (yes, she's got them as well ) Any ideas for a good dog anti flea and anti tick stuff? We used proticall but I don't know if it's safe to use it now after I've applied Frontline 2 days ago...
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Just wanted to wish everyone a very great weekend. I am just about to leave for New Jersey..yes I will say hi to HoHoKuss!! I will let everyone know how the show went on Sunday night.
Anne, the frontline works okay here. It takes 48 hours to kill the ticks. Now, the ticks have to bite the dog before they die as well. If this is still not helping. You may want to try the advantage for the fleas(I swear by it) and Virbec makes a collar thats good for 3 months. It is called preventic and it paralizes the ticks mouths. It is the best thing since apple pie. We have lots of ticks. If you cant find them in Isreal, let me know and I will send you a few.
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Yay... It's Friday
I cannot wait for this day to be over!

It is warm, sunny and quite beautiful here,
It's about time. all of the rain
and cold weather can really get a girl down.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I too have
to clean AP, and I am not looking forward to it either.
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Have a good trip, Sandie! You made me smile!

Well, everybody, tomorrow is the big moving day. Besides that general pain in the butt, I will be offline until I can get my computer reconfigured with my new ISP. I hope I can get up and running quickly. I am very sad to be giving up my cable modem and going back to dial up. The new cable company guy told me that my old cable company will be buying them out in a couple of months, complete with their high speed internet access. Can't happen too quickly for me.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I am a little behind schedule, ie. didn't get as much moved over tonight as I would have liked. I am sooo tired and ready for this ordeal to be over.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be talking to you soon.
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Been a busy one!!!!! So glad it is over! Have a baseball game in the morning! Right now 3 boys and my kitty are asleep on the bed! I will call it a night in a few minutes on the couch! I do not want to disturb them! Have a great weekend!
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try this for the fleas and ticks

I know how terrible those pest can be. I live in the country and maybe this will help.
My dog trainer told me and got me hooked on this one. I give my dog garlic pills, you can get them at petsmart. One tablet for every 10 pounds, yes you can do this with cats too. Once in their system(give it about 2 months) I promise NO FLEAS! My pug loves it outside and goes in and out all the time. This really works for the fleas. I check him all the time and not a one. Plus he loves the taste. LOL

Now for ticks, I also use the preventic and the advantage together. Ticks are really bad here too. Preventic collar works for about 3 months and yes it is safe to use with the other that goes between the shoulders.

Good luck and I hope you win the war on those pesty things.
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Thanks for the great advice. We don't have Petsmart here but I think I can order everything online.

How often do you give the garlic pills? Can you use the type that is for humans?
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[color=darkblue]You give the pills everyday. I give them with his food and he eats them right up.
Since you don't have a petsmart maybe some other animal store will have them. The name on the bottle is "Brewers yeast with garlic" it has a dog and cat on the front of it also. You can get 500or 1000. The bigger jar is about 10 dollars and depending on how big your animal is will help you decide. My dog "Otis" is only 18 pounds so he only gets 2 a day.
As far as the same as human form, I am not sure, I am sorry I couldn't answer that question. Good luck.
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I forgot to tell you the pills are great for the pets skin and coat healthy and shiny. :flash:
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Well it's not Friday anymore but...

Anyway now we are thinking we don't want to give Moby to the girl who came and saw her yesterday. She got her spay stiches out today and my mom asked around at the Vet's. One of the Techs there said she would love to have her. I know this girl and her husband through another friend. They are a young couple and don't have children. They have a dalmation. Moby loves to play. Only thing is that for the life of us we cannot housebreak this dog! This gal doesn't have a very high fence around her yard (high fences needed for boxers and plus she is white so she needs lots of shade) and was planning on keeping Moby inside but...well Moby will pee all over the place. But the other lady just seems..Well she has 2 jobs and 2 kids and she is a single mother. Does she really have TIME for this dog? I doubt it. I think the vet tech would be a better choice.

This is a hard decision. It's hard giving her up too, but we never planned on another dog and this one takes up so much time. But we LOVE her and finding a home for her has been..well let's just say that NO ONE is good enough for us *l* We think WE are the best people for this dog.

On a diferent note, I've been working on a garden scene in my graphics program. I did it all pixel-by-pixel using the shapes and line tools here and there. When I am all done I will show it to you all. I am quite proud of it.

Now is the time to hit me up for custom avatars too, BTW!
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Does anyone know if there's a difference between tick shampoo for cats and dogs? I have a bottle of tick shampoo for dogs, but my two of my cats had ticks on them this morning. One thing's for sure, it should be an adventure giving them baths!
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Oh, don't use dog shampoos on your cats. The ones with anti-tick stuff can be lethal!

I'm not sure shampoos are the best solutions for ticks anyway... You may want to try Frontline or advantage or maybe those garlic pills?

Illusion - that is so good of you to take such great care of this dog. She is so lucky to have found you! Did you talk to the prospective adopters about your concerns? I can't see a busy single mother of two wanting to take a dog that is not housebroekn. As for the tech - maybe she can do something about the fences?
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