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Treats for Kittens

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Hi everyone,

hubby and I adopted 3 rescue kittens. We got them at 5 weeks old and they are now 6 weeks old and doing really really well!

So, DH and I trained them all to know their names (individually) and "come" - it worked sooo well. They are adorable!

Well, anyways.... to my question. We are still doing 5 minute training sessions 1-3 times a day and have been using little tiny scraps of boneless cooked chicken - they love it! This is probably the 4th day we have been doing this and I found a throw-up near the litter box with little chicken scraps in it. I feel sooo bad.

What are some other things you have used for treats for kitties. We aren't sure if we want to use anything with artificial flavoring, but at the same time, we don't want to upset their stomachs and we don't know which one the throw up is from.

Any advice? Thanks everyone! I am excited about this cat community, now that we have three kitties of our own!
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At that age they shouldn't have treats. However, I've given my kittens (when learning to eat solids at 6-7 weeks) shredded chicken and they were fine.

Maybe just hold off on "treats" till they are a lot older - like another month or so.
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I do agree that they are much too young for treats. I also train my kitten at a very young age. Instead of treats, I shower them with praises and petting. It work as kittens that young crave attention and personal touch.
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Thanks guys for the information. I am not crazy about the idea of actual "cat treats" right now anyhow. But, thanks for clarifying that it really is too early for it. We do use a lot of praise and they absolutely love it. Thanks
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They are at the age where solid foods are introduced, so maybe give them a piece of the kibble you will be feeding them as a reward?
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