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Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for all of your trapping prayers and vibes! We caught two more ferals and now have 9 of 11 of the ferals that live her permanently done! The last two shouldn't be tough. We had a reservation for 3 but only caught two- a female and a male. According to them we caught the female right before she was going into heat. Yay!

The only damper is that Midnight and Big Gray ( the male cat that just showed up) are still out there. Midnight is the uncatchable female that keeps getting pregnant and leaving me the babies! Uggh... Isn't it great that they just disappeared 3 days ago right before spaying day? I am a little worried though...Midnight never misses a meal for too long. I do think that somebody else is feeding her though which is not a good thing, because I don't think that they know of TNR. I just hope that nobody has hurt them.

Anyway, Thanks again!