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The 'Flu

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Last week I was absolutely prostrated by the 'flu. Couldn't do much more than move from bed to recliner. Doped up with codine so slept most of the time.

GUESS WHO was doing his best imitation of a hot water bottle? Zane. He spent most of the week either curled up next to me or on top of me. The sweetie! I think he helped me get well.
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It's almost like cats know when we don't feel good or when we are sad. They always help!
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I'm not sure "help" is the right word. The other day when I was nauseous and laying across the bed Tomas laid down by my back and started pawing at my butt and Sho would crawl up to look at me... while standing right on my stomach.
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Awwww, that is too cute Bless his little heart
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Ok, I might be imagining this but I was so tired from work one day, I fell asleep on the couch. I never really sleep on the couch and when Lucy Belle realized I wasn't moving, she literally jumped on me. And then, I sensed her smelling my nose and pushing her face up against mine. I felt as if she is trying to figure out if I am still breathing. That's the strangest thing ever!
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It's not encouraging that the strains of flu in this year's flu shot only pertained to about 40% of the cases of flu this year.

Where my wife works, several of the workers have been too sick to work for as much as two weeks this winter.
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Animals know when we're ailing. My dog, Max, never left my side (unless forced by my H) when I was laid up following foot surgery.

Recently Sammie must have known my back was hurting after doing a lot of manual stuff, because when I squatted down to get something from a cabinet, she jumped on my back and kneaded it for about five minutes. It was heaven!
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Arwen tends to curl up in bed with me when I'm poorly, and she does make a great hot (waterless) bottle! A nice furry one at that!
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Both my boys will stay glued to me if I'm not feeling well, and they don't just do it with me. If my boyfriend isn't feeling well or I have a houseguest, they will do the same with him or her.

My RB calico Lucky used to do the feline hot water bottle thing. I had bad menstrual cramps as a teenager, and she would lie on my belly and purr. Better than a heating pad!
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