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King Popsie

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All must bow down to His Royal Highness.

Sorry, I tried resizing it but I guess it wouldn't do it.
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That is a great expression! All hail King Popsie!! Hes such a handsome king!
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thats a great shot
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what a handsome boy!
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Looks a lot like my Wesley! Very handsome!!
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He is adorable, reminds me of a cat we had as a child, his name was Buttons, because of his button eyes
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Very handsome guy!
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He does look quite regal in that pic. He looks like he should be wearing a little crown, staring out of his castle window looking down on his people.
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sooo sweet!
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Looking miiiighty fine in his royal tux, I might say.

Hail to the king!
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Hey, would any of you guys believe he will be 17 in July!!!
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Awesome photo! He is so handsome!!
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He doesn't look a day over 7! He is very majestic
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