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I Never Get a Fever!

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I've got the flu that our daughter had/has. She had a fever (ranging anywhere from 100° to 104°F) and chills for a week.

I only get the chills. I haven't had a fever in years, no matter how sick I am. In fact, my body temperature is usually around 97°F when I am sick. I get so cold that I have to take hot showers to bring my temperature back up.

Is anybody else like this, or ever heard of this?
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I almost never get fevers, but Friday night I spiked one to 105. I went to the ER and they treated me like I was just looking for drugs. I will be going to my regular doc today, because I still feel like complete crap.
I hope you feel better if you are not already.
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Adults generally do not get fevers as often, or as high as children do, even when they have the same cold/flu.
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I rarely get fevers either. A couple of years ago however, I was sick with something and ran a mild one. I hope you feel better.
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I'm the same way I can be very sick and still have no fever but I can get the chills quite easily... it's wierd. Normally when I get like that I treat it just like I have a fever and rest and drink plenty of fluids.
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I am not a sicko at all..Luckily I rarely get sick or have a fever.

I hope you feel better soon
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I never , ever get fevers either. Just like you, my normal body temp. is 96.8 (instead of 98.6). But I have a compromised immune system and I thought it was connected to that, maybe not.
I hope you feel better soon.
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I'm exactly the opposite, I get fevers several times a month even when I'm not sick.
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My normal body temperature is lower than what is considered "normal".

Normal = 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F)

Mine is usually between 35.8 and 36.4 Celsius which is 1 to 2 degrees cooler than normal.

So when I take my temperature and it's 37 degrees, that's a temperature for me. When I was in the hospital my temperature was 37.5 which is considered a "low grade" fever in most people.

I had to argue with them to tell them that was a high temperature for me, 2 to 3 degrees above my body's normal. And that 37.5 (99 F) to my body was like a temperature of 39 degrees (102 F) for someone with a normal body temperature of 37 degrees ( 98.6 F)
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yeah, i run sub-normal, too. found out when i had mono. during that time, i ran about 96F. nowadays, i run about 97F. i agree - a 99F temp for me is like 100-101 for 'normies'!
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I can only recall having a fever once in my life. I get cold when I'm sick as well, I wrap myself in a blanket, drink lots of tea and have a hot shower before bed so I can go to bed warm. I'm pretty sure my body temperature is normal, but I generally really feel the cold anyway.
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If I get the chills, its usually accompanied by a fever. So if I'm out of a blanket, I have the chills. If I'm under a blanket I have a fever (2+ deg. above normal)

That severe cold I had back in January was all chills for me though. I kept checking for a temp and it was always normal or less (I've taken my temp in the past w/o being sick and I'm normal).

Hope you feel better soon though!
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Another one here who runs "low". I'm usually below 97. Try to get a doctor to believe you have a fever with a 99 degree temp!
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