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I just had to praise this wonderful food - my kitten absolutely loves it and she can't get enough. I fed her the Shredded Duck Entree and Tuna Entree combo and guess what? She licked the dish clean and kept pawing for more. Wow! She eats other wet food too but not this enthusiastic. Usually, she eats a little and take a whole half hour or more to finish. Not with FROMM though. All, everything with one go.

Note about the Duck and Tuna entree. The pieces is really huge and I had to cut them into smaller bite size. Maybe an older cat would have no problem eating but for my 5 month old kitten, it can be a little challenging.

It has Tomato Paste in the ingredient so the consistently is jelly like. Another plus since my kitten loves to lick off the gravy off other food and she appears to enjoy licking the jelly too.

She don't care much for the Pate style food though, from the same company. Now that I've found her absolute favorite, I'll have to stock up.

Anyone else feeding FROMM? It's really good food. More info here:-

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We tried it, but my cats didn't like the tomato gravy.
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Riley liked it, but I had such a hard time finding anywhere that carried it, and things were always backordered from the company. Then they discontinued one of the flavors (shredded beef or chicken, can't remember) but it had something to do with a problem with ingredients either from China, or manufactured in China, so I figured they were too unstable and possibly risky.
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Wally liked the tuna flavor, and we had no issues with it. I stopped buying it only because of the can size. We can really only do 3 oz. cans here.
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I fed it to Chase at one point.. but it's hard to get around here, too. Eventually the pet store here is supposed to start carrying it again, but her distributer hasn't made it available yet. If she ever manages to get it in again, I'd like to see if my sister's cat would eat it.
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Love this food too!
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