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Good vibes for Molly please

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She was sick before breakfast this morning, and then brought up all her breakfast after eating (I maybe should have held off feeding her, but she is never sick), so as she had been sick so much, I whizzed her up to the vet - I have had her 2 years, and she is very rarely sick, and never that amount. Vet said she felt a bit gassy, so gave her a couple of jabs, and said to giver her a couple of hours and feed her sensitivity food, so have some chicken defrosting in case she doesnt like it!! If no better, she has to go back for antibiotics. I haven't fed her again yet, as they only get two meals a day, and she isn't asking for anything, she is happily sleeping. She wasn't very nice at the vets though, she did go for the vet, whcih is unusual for her, she isn't an aggressive cat, just hisses and growls a lot. Fortunately, she had her annual bloods in Jan, so we know that she was perfectly healthy then.
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for molly. hope she feels better quickly.
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Thanks, have just given her a kiss for you, as she has come on my knee. She seems OK, not pestering for food to say she brought up her brekkie then got food taken away from her.
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it's so difficult when they are rarely sick like that. you have done the right thing by getting her checked out and hopefully she will be ok now.

we do worry about our babies!
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Awwh, I hope dear Molly feels better soon! It's hard on everyone when our babies are sick!
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IT is, and the poor girl hated being taken to the vet. She has just been looking for some food, so gave her some sensitivity food, and she has only picked at it. Just watching her now for being sick. I am already at the vet with a foster on Fri, dont fancy 3 trips in one week!!
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Hope Molly starts feeling better soon Tons of For your sweet Molly!
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Thanks, she has eaten and not been sick, so fingers crossed. Most of my cats dont get to 15, so I do worry more about her! !
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Sending lots of vibes for Molly!
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Thanks - still no sick, and she is having a play now, so she must be feeling better
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that's really good to hear! keep up the good work molly!
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Thanks, I am so relieved - I automatically think the worst, esp with my track record. And with Molly's history, I still can't believe at times she has had 2 years of good health except her constipation issues.
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i can relate to that one! lost 3 cats within 1 year so got a little twitchy too! i guess we just have to keep doing what we're doing.

it does seem like she's feeling better now so it sounds like that was just a blip.
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:-) As you can see from my siggy, I have lost a few in the past 5 years, and Molly is an extra special cat, we thought she was on deaths door 2 years ago when I took her on to give her a home life. At least we had full bloods done in Jan, so while I thoguth the worst, it wasn't as bad as it could have been as we knew her organs were fine. She is looking for more food now, so off to find her some!!
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beautiful rb babies they are too. you're doing brilliantly with molly, i would always be over cautious than be left thinking 'what if?'.

hope she enjoys her dinner!
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Thank you. She has only picked at the rest of hte sensitivity food, so am cooking her some chicken - it is something she is fussy with though, she prefers hers raw.
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Just to send some and and looking for an update.
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Sorry, things have been hectic again. Molly is fine, although has been sick off hte same food she was sick after on Mon - very odd, she has had it on and off for well over a year now, and it is the food they get most often. I am going to try her again in a couple of weeks (have another full box to get through!!), in case it was just a one off.
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Well, she seems to be able to eat Natures Menu again, it must have just been a dodgy pouch. I was going to give it a couple of weeks, but she pinched Zi's yesterday and was fine, so gave her some of her own today. She is visiting the water bowl a bit more than usual, but she had bloods done in Jan, so am not going to worry too much.
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That's good news about Molly feeling better!
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Thanks, I am pleased. I have found a couple of bald patches on her, but they aren't red or bothering her, so not going to drag her up to the vets again!!
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