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Switched To Wet Put Cat Not Eating Enough

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Hi Guys,

I've switched my cat over to all wet from from all dry with the help of benebac over the last week. She's been eating all wet for the last two days, but I don't think she's eating enough of the wet food. She's supposed to eat a can (6oz) a day, but she is barely eating 1/2 a can.

She likes the food, so I think it may be because of the way I'm feeding her. I have been trying to switch her to 2xday feeding, leaving the food out for an hour or so. However, I think she is too used to having her food out all day, so she doesn't eat very much in that hour . I used to put her 1/2 cup serving of dry in her bowl each morning and she would eat it at different times until it was gone. I think if I could leave the food out longer she would eat it. Last night, I fell asleep and forgot to put her night portion up it was all gone by morning.

Is it safe to leave her food out for long periods of time? I was free feeding before because with my work schedule and commuting hours I am gone about 11-12 hours a day and I can't really trust anyone else in my house to make sure she gets fed.

If I just wait her out will she adjust to the 2xday feeding and start eating her full portion all at once?

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Hi! I've read somewhere that the transition period from all dry to all wet should take a least 3-4 weeks. Please remember that this change is drastic and you need to get your cat digestive system ready.

If she is already eating wet food, that's great. Just make sure that she eats enough for her weight. If she seems reluctant to eat all wet now, give her some dry food in between just for snacks. Or you may mix some kibbles with her wet food since cats addicted to kibbles are attracted to the crunch of kibbles. Gradually decrease the amount of dry kibbles over time.

It is extremely dangerous to starve a cat and they are know to be adamant about it. Serious complications may arise if they go without food for an extended period of time.

Many will not encourage leaving wet food out for an extended period of time because the moisture in the wet food promotes bacterial growth. A couple of hours is fine though and wet food may be left out longer in wintertime if the room temperature is not too high.

You need to have a lot of patient for a successful switch. I applaud you for taking this route and giving your cat a much deserving healthier life.
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I didn't think to put out dry. I had been doing partial wet/dry before. I guess I was too enthusiastic about switching to wet. I'll just leave out 1/2 portion of her dry food out in the day (since she's only eating 1/2 portion of the wet a day within the set time I leave the food out) and adjust it as her wet food intake increases.

I don't think I could have waited her out, even if it was a good idea. Her food stayed out until she finished it last night (I fell asleep) and I gave her a second dinner tonight (I put out what I put out what was left of her 2nd meal ).

Thanks a lot!
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