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The dog next door

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Copyrighted "08" M.W

You told me I was so cute on the first day I met you, even if I was a mutt. We played and I nibbled on your fingers.

It became my daily ritual to come to your house and visit you. You had a dog of your own she was a purebred registered beauty. I could tell you loved her so much! I could see the love shining in your eyes. I wanted some of that love to flow into me.

Every day we played and played you were my ray of sunshine. I loved you so much.

Every day you would walk past my house with your Baby. I always tag along for the whole walk even though my lil legs got tired and you had to carry me home. Everyday I long for you to bypass my house and take me straight to yours. You have to love me right? I’m too cute for you not to love… Right? I promise I will be a good lil girl. See here, I can even shake paw. Hey please come back… don’t leave me here. But every day you left me in my yard and carried on down to your house, just you and your dog.

Today you exclaimed over how big I am getting. You didn’t seem too happy to see me. You gently shoved me down when I jumped up. I cocked my head to the side and just watched you. As always I followed along when you walked your Baby. Today you got in trouble for having a loose dog. You said I wasn’t yours. It hurt me so bad. When you passed my house I knowingly trotted into my yard, you didn’t even say goodbye.

I was so down this morning when I found you had left without me. I had never missed a walk with you before. But it seems you left early and didn’t even pass my house. I tried to make light of it and went on an adventure in your yard. I found some strange stinky colorful things around your porch they didn’t seem to belong so I dug them up and saved you the embarrassment of the weird smell. Your bag of trash was a lil close to the road so I tried to pull it back, it was so heavy I had to give it a good tug and the bag gave way in my mouth sending trash everywhere. I tried to chase the flying garbage around but I didn’t accomplish much b/c you came around the bend. I was so exited I ran towards you and jumped up and nearly knocked you over. There was no love in your eyes… you glanced around and for the first time in my life I saw anger shining towards me. I tried to make light of the situation and scamper around you and nibble on your fingers like I did when I was a puppy. But I guess I’m not puppy anymore, so it’s not cute.

You put your Baby inside and clipped her leash to my collar and half drug me home. You rang the bell… I could tell by your tone you were mad. You said I couldn’t be loose anymore. And that they would have to tie me or build me a fenced in area. My owners took it to heart. I mean after all you had to be right. Just look at your Baby she is so good.

The next day I watched you pass... I tried to run but this long thin red plastic cord held me back. I barked and barked but you didn’t even glance over. I lay down and waited for you to pass on your way home. Time passed so slowly, but finally you did pass … was it just my high hopes or did you peek at me? I barked anyways. In fact I barked all night long even through in some long wailing pleas for help. I heard my owners talking to you on the phone I heard you complaining about my keeping you up all night. Believe me you were not the only person to cal land complain that day.

I saw eyes scan me over today; I know I’m all grown up. Do you still think I’m cute?? I quietly whimpered as you passed. Did you notice I didn’t have any water today? I guess they are to busy to even keep my bowl full now. You came over this afternoon and petted my head and filled my bowl with water. You shook your head at the tangles in my red cord. In some parts the plastic is getting thin. You untangled my leash, patted my head and walked home.

I heard you as you passed my house with you baby today talking on the phone. You complained about my neglect. I was sure you cared… but you didn’t do anything.

It’s getting cold now and my leash is so thin in places that the wire is showing and slightly frayed. It hurts when it grabs my hair and pinches me. I heard you take your baby for a quick run because it was to cold to stay outside for long. I didn’t notice if you looked for me. I was hiding from the wind in my dog house.

The ground is so cold, all covered in snow. I ran out for a quick pee and turned a circle well looking for a quick place to pee. A weird thing happed when I made that turn. My leash wrapped around my neck I tried to get it off but it only tightened. I can feel it pinching my skin. I bark and bark but no one hears. My owners are off at work, your inside with your baby, I’m not sure if you heard me. I really hope so. This evening it got a little more tangled. I tried to pull it by walking backwards but it just got tighter. I cried out in pain as the wire bit into my flesh.

My owners came home late they didn’t notice my leash b/c it was so dark out. That’s the way it’s been these days. They leave early in the morning when it is dark and come home when it’s dark and fill both my bowls with food and water.

My leash feels tighter today. It’s burning around neck. I try to scratch at it but it hurts so much to even touch it. I bark and bark but no one comes to help me. The wind whips hard in the open gash around my neck. I can’t see how bad it is but I think it’s bad. I barked and barked but I’m still here alone.

It’s been a week. I have been in and out of consciousness. I can feel the fever raging in me and I smell like rotting flesh... I think I’m dieing. I gave up barking I am now too weak to leave my dog house.

I can hear you walking by. I whimper a lil. It’s really quiet. You’re coming closer and I know you can smell me. I hear you gasp at the stench... You call me. I try to stand but I just cant I try again and I succeed to just get out of my dog house.

I can see it in your eyes I am really bad aren’t I? I can’t see my neck but I know it’s bad I can no longer feel the wire... I just hurt. I wag my tail but I can’t lift my head to look into your eyes... I want to see the love shining through. You’re crying now I can hear you sobbing. Asking yourself dozens of questions. .. But you still haven’t answered mine.. Do you love me? That’s all I ever wanted my whole entire life. . . I’m on my way to help now. . But I think it to late. I love you… do you love me?

You can insert any breed of dog, Mutt or Purebred. You can even change the species. But you can’t change the fact of the neglect. An animal is crying out for help don’t ignore it. Please help stop the Abuse and Neglect of Innocent animals. Stop it where it starts.
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I just wanted to let everyone know. I Wrote this short story. The puppy in the pictures came to no harm in fact she was one of my foster dogs puppies. She is with her new owner and now a year old! Her pictures just fit.
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What a wonderful story It's so very touching.
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Originally Posted by naturesgift View Post
I just wanted to let everyone know. I Wrote this short story. The puppy in the pictures came to no harm in fact she was one of my foster dogs puppies. She is with her new owner and now a year old! Her pictures just fit.
You are a very talented writer. Your story brought tears to my eyes- a sad scenario that happens to way too many dogs. I hope that you continue to write, I really look forward to reading more of your stories. You are very gifted.
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OMG! I was so not expecting a tear jerker this early in the morning. Lovely and very touching! Your story would make a great public television service announcement. It would rope you in with a cute puppy at the beggining than let you have it in the end for not properly caring for your dog. Well done! Hope to read more of your work.
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ty I was a lil worried when I first posted it but had no replys I was worried everyone thought it was true and didnt know what to say to me. so I just thought I would clarify.

I just love to write.. and I am a huge animal lover ..so I combine my two loves.
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