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9 out of 10 cats

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Here are nine out of my ten kitties. Sunshine was camera shy that day.
Midnight: all black
Coal: Russian Blue (big guy)
Lilith: Tortoiseshell
Blondie: Buff tabby
Jules: Orange tabby (who looks earless in this picture, silly boy)
Pan: Brown tabby
Silver: Silver tabby
Polly: blue polydactyl boy
Max: dilute tortoiseshell, with tongue sticking out :tounge2:
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Oh, my! I can barely get one cat to sit still for a picture! You sure have a magic touch!
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awww what a cute bunch!!
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No, it wasn't a magic touch. I wanted to take a nap. Cats instinctively know when their human wants to get in the bed, and thus claim it for themselves. There was no nap for this human that afternoon.
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Awwww what darlings!!
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I cannot believe you got 9 cats in one place at one time... they're all so cute!
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It's even worse when they do this once I'm already in the bed. They are great kitties, I love them so very much. They all get along pretty well; Sunshine and Coal face off once in a while, but it's the Battle of the Cowards. They are both wusses, and end up running away from each other! It is too funny to watch, the staring contest, the growls and yowls, and then the fleeing in opposite directions simultaneously.
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And here I was all kinds of excited I got my two in the same shot! That is an amazing picture! Beautiful kitties too .
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Here are the kittens at one week old. I can't believe they'll be 2 yrs old in May!
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Awww- too sweet!!!
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What?? You couldn't squeeze in there for a nap? You have 10 cats and HAVEN'T become a contortionist??? I only have 2 and feel like a circus freak most nights.

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