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changing litter

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I decided to go for it and change my kitties to a more earth friendly cat litter. I'm slowly mixing WBCL with a the old clumping clay type. Right now, it's about 1/3 WB and 2/3 clay. The question I have for everyone is how do you know kitties like the new litter? I've noticed less activity in the cat boxes since I've started switching, but I haven't found any other places in the house the cats could be using. I've also seen all 3 cats use the box without reluctance. I'm a little stressed thinking the cats could be holding it. Am I being too anxious because all 3 poop and pee in the box , but it does seem less. Any advice is appreciated.
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I don't know what to suggest, other than getting a black light to go through the house to see (in the dark with a black light pee shows up as an orange splotch).

3 kitties sharing one box is kind of a lot. You may want to consider putting out a second box that has just the new litter in it and see if they use it!

Many people use few boxes than the guidelines (when we lived in the RV we had five cats sharing two boxes successfully) - but just so you know, the rule of thumb is that you should have one more box than the number of cats.

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I have 2 boxes, 1 jumbo size and 1 large. I actually did go through the house with a black light and so far have found nothing. Thanks for your input, I guess I'll keep a close eye and see what happens. I think I may be paranoid because I hate to cause undue stress for my kitties. I have seen all three cats at different times use the cat boxes without hesitation. I'm just wondering why lately there is less activity. That's what baffles me.
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You haven't changed their food recently, have you? Particularly to a premium brand with better, more digestible ingredients compared to the former brand? In situations like that there is usually less waste because the cat's body is able to utilize and process more of the food than it did previously, hence less to eliminate.

Sorry, but that's the only thing I can think of....
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Im switching litters too, Im mixing chicken feed and the old litter in a few boxes and the arm and hammer high performance in a few boxes and a few boxes have the regular litter (Ive got 7 boxes) and Ive seen less activity too, even in the regular litter boxes. Ive gotta get a black light but so far havent found any obvious spots outside the boxes.
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It sounds like you are paying more attention now with the mixed new litter. Especially if this trend is over a short period of time, the less litter box using could very easily be within the normal range of litter box using. If you see them using the box, and your cats are historically good litter box users, don't worry about it!
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