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I made my first lasagna tonight, I'm so proud of it! I used some plum tomatoes, red bell pepper, zuchini, and garlic for the sauce (roasted them with some olive oil, salt and pepper), then I mixed some goat cheese, ricotta and parmesan with some basil leaves for the layer bit and for the "meat" I got some juicy portabello shrooms and layered them over the cheese. On the top layer I used grated smoked mozzarella and some more parmesan as well as some prepared tomato sauce. IT WAS SSOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!! The only thing I will do next time is puree half of the roasted veggies to get the layers a little thicker, and possibly double them. I didn't use a recipe, but I need to remember this for next time! And I also used those oven ready noodles, which I thought would be less time consuming than the regular kind, and they were.

I'm definitely writing this one down
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Good for you!! Sounds scrumptious!
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That sounds so awesome!!
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That sounds yummy
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Glad it worked out!! I know how exciting it is to have a new recipe turn out!!! Congrats!!!
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