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I got smacked...

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Today was such a nice day, I spent quite a bit of the day outside walking around with the horses and enjoying the nice weather. So I was a bit late (maybe 20 minutes) coming inside to feed the kitties. I had brought the laundry down with me and needed to put the sheets on the bed.

Lilly was yelling at me when I walked in, and I said "Just one second, let me put the sheets on the bed and then I'll feed you." I leaned down and started to put the sheet on when I felt something hit my head. I looked up, and Lilly was sitting on the headboard staring at me... she had smacked the top of my head!

I asked her, "Did you just smack me on the head?"... she made a "chirping" noise and ran towards her food dish as fast as she could.

I guess next time I better not be late for dinner!
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Well done Lily!!
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Don't mess with dinnertime
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I guess she told you!!!
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Well, you've been told haven't you
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lol, well that'll teach ya!
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Well, you weren't listening. She got your attention, didn't she? Mission accomplished.
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She made dinner reservations and you were seating her quickly enough!
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lol lily sure told you not to be late
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Ha ha, cats are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. Thanks for sharing that funny story!
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she was not going to be made to wait any longer!
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Guess you got put in your place, huh? Your priorities were obviously not in the right order. Dinner first, then the sheets.
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Yep, I definitely learned my lesson!
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lol Just shows u who is in charge of all our households never make the boss wait on her dinner,dinner befoe sheets everyone knows that
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Aww, such a cute story!!
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That'll teach you to slack off, human! Get with the program, eh?
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She told you!
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Thank goodness Benson hasn't figured this out.
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That story cheered me up!
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