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litter box troubles

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the new adventure today!
manu has stopped using the litter box. he has instead started to use the shower. i have a few theories on why:

1. his old house had a litter box in the bathroom
2. maybe he's a little confused as to where he is
3. it's the bathroom! comes with all the smells...
4. decided he didn't want to go to the bathroom in the same room where he eats (although this room is rather large and eating and litter box space are at opposite ends of the room)
5. treating him with some meds for ongoing health issues that he's not so happy about

but, he was using it when i first brought him home and i'm not sure why he's decided to change his location. earlier today i moved the litter box closer to the bathroom in the hopes he'd stop there on his way, but that hasn't seemed to work. the box is cleaned out regularly and didn't change location before he made the switch to the shower...
any thoughts, suggestions on how to deal with this?
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What type of litter are you using?? He may not like that particular brand, and he's trying to let you know.
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I first suggest having the vet test his urine for a UTI.

Try cat attract litter or litter additive, it really works! Feliway might also help.

Try putting out several litterboxes in different areas with different types of litter. You might also try putting the LB right in the shower(I suggest removing it when you use the shower, though! )
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