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Prism Kitty

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This is one of my favorite pics of MiMi. She stalked, pawed and slept next to this prism all day.

She was a few years younger here. I have such a hard time getting her to stay still long enough to photograph. Unfortunately most of my pics of her are older. Dosen't help either that my camera stinks.
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What a gorgeous little girl!!
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awww she's very pretty indeed.
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Thats a beautiful photo! Mimi is so precious
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She is sooo sooo sweet. I hope you dont mind but I had a little practice with my editing skills and just played about with her picture a bit, hope you like it.

Its no good! She deserves a frame as well

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What a sweetheart!!!
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Awwww, thanks guys. I'll make sure to tell MiMi her picture was well received.

u8myufo she looks so much prettier & her fur actually looks white. The frame is adorable too. Very well done. Mind if I save?
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She's beautiful.
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You carry on and save what you want to, after all its your pic anyway
keep em coming in
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She is beautiful!
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I love her big, round, bright eyes and the thick ruff around her neck. She is so lovely.
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