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Purebreed cats?

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I have always wanted a rag doll!! I'm also in love with british and american short hair kitties. There are sooo many stray babies that need homes, I don't see me ever getting one! Anywho What is your fav purebreed kitty?
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I love the smooshie faces!
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I think my screen name says it all!!

A pic of Nakita, just waking up from a catnap!

Her emerald eyes just melt my heart!

Can you tell I'm in love??

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I love blues too. they are soooo cute!!
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rubs hands together deviously. more nakita pictures to use for my nakita collection.

i like blues, too. don't tell my siamese, though!
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Originally posted by Auburn412
rubs hands together deviously. more nakita pictures to use for my nakita collection.


But I also love abyssinians or bengals. I basically love all cats because they are all unique and classic in their own way!!
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I like British shorthairs and American bobs.
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perhaps i should send a release form. do you think she would sign it?

warhol had soup cans and marilyn monroe... i have nakita...
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It is so hard to choose!

Appleheaad Siamese
Russian Blue
Turkish Angora

Fortunately, I won't get a cat unless it comes from a shelter or is a rescue.

If you want a purebreed cat that is also a rescue, you can search on and you will be surprised at all the breeds represented.
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I don't think I have a FAVORITE.
If anything it MIGHT be Savannahs.

Off the top of my head I like...
Russian Blues
Havanna Browns
Rag Dolls
Norwegian Forest Cats
La Perms
Scottish Fold
American Curl
All of the Rex's
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I love That is how we found misty (dog) I have links to them all over my website.
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I torture myself with petfinder every once in a while. I want them all....poor kitties without furrever homes. I need a huge house so I can have lots of kitties, and servants to empty the cat boxes. Which reminds me, I haven't checked yet, I may have won the Powerball last night.
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if i won alot of money i would open a kitty rescue. I already have the name! Princess Purr's Purrfect Place. I'm using the name for my online store right now :LOL: maybe that will make me lots of money! I just need to get the darn thing opened!

I love going to petfinder and seeing pics but at the same time it breaks my heart because i want to give them all homes.
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I like Maine Coons and Bengals. The price of purebred kitties and the shelter babies keep me from getting a purebred, though. We prefer personalities over pedigrees.

What the heck - Bill and I are mixed breeds and we're not so bad!
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Russian Blue your kitty is beautiful! I LOVE those eyes!
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I think Kass and Nakita have made us all into Russian Blue lovers here. Stick around long enough and you too will fall under Le Feline Nakita's spell. Oh, and thanks to Jan, she's also got careers in medicine and as a Secret Agent Cat.

Anyway, because of Nakita, Tatyana, Nikolai, Yuri and Ivan (the Russian Blues of TCS past and present), I am so smitten with Russian Blues. I also love Bengals and Ragdolls.
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i love russian blues, munchkins, bengals, well i love all cats.

but my peedoodle and kahu are just purrfect for me - i love them to bits!
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I would love to have a huge whoppin' orange tabby Maine Coon!
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My favorite breeds are Applehead Siamese, Havana Brown and Oriental Shorthair.
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Kellye reminded me of MUNCHKINS!!! I fell in love with them the first time I visited Sandie and Ken's website, and of course fall in love with them more every time they have a litter.
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Since my Simon is a Ragdoll, I am partial to the Raggie breed. I do, however, also love Birmans, American Shorthairs, Maine Coons and Tonks.

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The only purebred I have ever had is Beau, my Burmese. I also like Russian Blues and American Shorthairs.
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I think I love Siamese,I better I have 5!
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I love the Applehead Siamese, Bengals, Maine Coons and Pixie-Bobs!
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