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New Shirt Design

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I've put Hissy's beautiful words on a shirt design.

I'd appreciate your feedback before we go ahead (there's time - I'm waiting for the online shop to add some new feature).

The size will be 8 X 10 inches and the resolution will be twice as good.
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I love it

I am going to
purchase one. What a terrific way
to get the word out there. What a
wonderful forum to be a part of!
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Thank you for this honor. How cool to think that these shirts will soon be loose and walking in this world...=) By the way, I want to order one.
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What a fantastic idea!!! I will definitely buy TWO, one for me and one for my daughter. Let me know when they're available.
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One of the most interesting T-shirt designs I have seen...go with it!!!
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:flash: Such Wonderful words, Anne did you write this?
Let me know when I can get one to. If we're wearing this out& about & see someone else who is too----well, it'll be like finding a friend (off line)!
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As soon as I can I will be ordering several! One for my mom, my aunt, and one for myself! I love it!
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Oh, I definitely want one of these shirts!
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I'm glad you like it! I'll make it available very soon!

All credit of the wonderful writing goes to Hissy! And I want to thank her again for letting me turn this into a forum shirt design!
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Okay... here we go.

CafePress have a temp solution for putting more than one design on a store.
Check out this link:,catsite1

I have added a small design on the back as well.

Thanks everyone for buying these shirts!
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Those are awesome! I'll hit my mom up to buy me one. I'm broke.
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Hi Anne, I just ordered my first shirt! Yippee!! How long do you think it will take to deliver? Now you should know this even though your half a world away! Just kidding, but I am looking forward to getting it!

Thanks Again & I hope you come up with more great ideas!

Meow, Meow
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I was just about to post that I see someone has bought a shirt! Thanks Logan!!!!
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Wow! I'm so glad to see you got this idea going Anne! I came here today to apologize for not being back sooner with the info. I came up with. My computer was in the shop for about 10 days so I lost touch with a lot of people and have been playing "catch-up" for the past several days.

It sounds like you got a great deal worked out with the T-shirt Mfg. The person I found here, wanted $17.50 (wholesale cost) for each shirt he printed. That was outrageous! So, I was looking into other printers... but it looks like you found a good place on your own!

Congratulations! The shirts look beautiful!!
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I would love one too. How much are they and what would it be in Canadian funds.
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i just ordered mine! Can't wait to get it!!!!!
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Originally posted by illusion
Those are awesome! I'll hit my mom up to buy me one. I'm broke.
If you get one then so do I.
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I'll be ordering mine when I get paid next week. They are wonderful!
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Me too. Gotta wait til I get paid. Thank you so much Anne!!! It is sooooooo good to have you back!!!
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I got by tee shirt in the mail yesterday That was fast shipping! I love it I am going to wear it to the next cat show in August! Of course I will wear it before then too!

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Thanks for getting one! And thanks for wearing it in the show... I sure can use some traffic boosters right now...
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I hope everyone is able to get one because they are even nicer in person!
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I just ordered mine!! Can't wait to get it!
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I don't know if Sandie and Rene ordered theirs yet but we should all wear it to the August Show!

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