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And the puppy training begins (by Stumpy)

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Stumpy, my 13 year old cat has always loved dogs. We had 5 of them when he was born and used to play for hours on end with his buddy Jethro (a 95 pound black dog). When all of those dogs crossed, we waited a year to adopt our 2 dogs (Sam and Spike). They were very young, very rowdy, and Stumpy had a difficult time teaching them to play his style, rather than puppy style. I recall that he first had to put fear into them before he could shape their behavior. Sam used to hide on the porch when Stumpy was guarding the door to that room.

We adopted Lola 2 weeks ago. We picked her up the day of her spay and she was very subdued the first few days. Now that she is coming into her own, she has started to play with anyone that will give her time. She's a 9 month old puppy, 45 pounds, and a bit overpowering for the cats. She doesn't hurt them, she just doesn't know how to interact with them yet.

Enter Stumpy.

He first gets her attention by mashing his head into hers, or rubbing the length of her body with his head. He then lays on the floor in front of her and rolls on his back. Lola thinks "great - he wants to play", then stands up on top of him. Stumpy gives a whack and she lays down. His alternate approach is to simply walk up to her and throw himself on his back to entice her. When she doesn't behave how he wants her to, he thwacks her. She lays down.

Lola is a really smart girl and since Stumpy started doing this about 2 days ago, she has really calmed down with the cats.

I have no idea what we'll do after Stumpy is gone and we adopt another puppy. I'm hoping that at least 1 of the younger cats is watching and learning from him. And Stumpy has been ill for close to 2 years with an auto-immune disease and he hasn't slowed down!

Stumpy rules!!
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Way to go, Stumpy!!
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Wow I bet a lot of people would like to borrow Stumpy! What a great cat!
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Stumpy has been our alpha cat since he was 18 months old. He places himself over every critter in the house, including the dogs. We've had our neighbor's and various friend's dogs visit in the house and he does the same thing to them. He's just awesome that way.

Today was Lola's first full day alone (we both had to be in the office all day). Rather than crating her for 8 hours, we decided to put her in our sun room which has a dog door access. She hadn't learned to go thru the dog door yet, so we assumed that she would still be there when we got home. She taught herself how to go thru that door today and was wandering loose when we got home (no messes either). I can only imagine that Stumpy followed her around all day making sure she wasn't misbehaving.
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