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Roxy is in labour!

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She has had 1 kitty already. Cleaned it up amazingly well. She is brilliant. The kitty is stripey but I cant tell if it's silver or not yet. It's very vocal!

So excited!!

But get this...

I predicted DillPickles's cat, Dill would give birth 11pm Sunday, and Roxy has had her first one at 10.55 on sunday! (GMT).

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Well it is 615 EST right now so i still have a few hours for you to be right...Keep us posted.....Im excited hopefully everything else goes okay......Congrats To roxy and her kitties
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Yay! Congrats! Hope all goes well!
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Congratulations! Sending lots of vibes for a safe and healthy delivery!
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I hope everything goes good and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Thanks all, your vibes have been well received as number 2 has just entered the world and has a healthy squeal just like the first! Both are tabby.

Sooo cute!
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Go Roxy Go!!!!!! Congrats on 2 healthy babies. for more healthy babies. Can't wait to see pics.
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for a healthy and safe delivery.
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good job, Roxy...best of luck to both of you.
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Congratulations!!! I hope all continues to go well. Can;t wait to see the pics!!!
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3 Kitties now, there is some blood on the newspaper and i think it's coming from one of the cords. they all seem fine. Think its normal? I have some floss but she really doesn't like me moving them so don't want to have to if its not 100% necessary. Help!!
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Yay!! Honestly, I've never seen a kitten birth, but I would imagine some blood is totally normal. Birth, in general, is messy.

Keep us posted! And, when you get a chance, we'd love pics!!
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Well she's had 4 now, 3 stripey ones (either silver or dark grey tabbies)and a black one. There's at least one still in there but not moving. hopefully it's just getting ready to be born! I hope there's no more than 5. She had quite a hard time coping with 4 last time, when they were old enough to explore.

They're all feeding fine. the box is a mess but I've cleaned as best I can! Pics will come tomorrow, hopefully. took loads tonight but they're a bit rubbish.

Didn't weigh them because I'm too scared to touch them in case Roxy hates me or eats them. Haha. Slightly dramatic, there.

Thanks for all your good vibes. I hope they help the kitties thrive throughout the first night!
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More vibes for the babies!!
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Congrats and I hope it goes well.
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How exiting for you! I wish her and her babies lots of luck and wellness.
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YAY!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear how many she had and to see pictures!! You and Roxy are doing beautifully, keep up the good work!!
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Morning all! the final count was 4. I thought there was a 5th but it must've just been her tummy being a bit swollen. I hope so anyway.. I cant feel anything in there today. She's just come out of the box for a huge breakfast.

Here's a couple of pics. There's 3 silver tabby and one little black one!

Here's mummy with the first 2 with the box looking grotesque:

And here is the gang this morning:

Thanks everyone for caring about my little Roxy and her kittens. This board has definitely helped me through the end of her pregnancy with all my questions and stuff. So thanks!!
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AWWWWW I can't wait to see more pics!!!
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Pretty kitties!
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They are beautiful, and a very good size! Several people have felt what they thought was a kitten and it was the uterus. Just watch her for any foul smelling discharge. There will be a little blood, quarter sized drops here and there, for a few days.
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Congratulations!! Healthy, beautiful babies!!!!
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Roxy and the newbies are doing great. I'd really like to move her to a new box or just get her out of this one so I can change all the newspaper and stuff. I just put warm blankets into a box and put roxy and the kittens in there and she hated it and immediately picked them up and took them back in the original box she had them in!

So I guess she wants to stay in the box but it's gross. I could try and get all the used newspaper out but the cardboard on the bottom of them box has absorbed some fluid from the labour... What can i do? She just won't go in a new box! Is it unsafe to keep them in there even if all the bedding is clean?

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Have you tried putting the new box in the exact spot as the old box and just throwing away the old box?

And they are absolutely adorable!!
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I know, aren't they adorable! They're stripier than Roxy! and I found out today the black one has a white chin. too cute!

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that it's just too early to move them. I've changed the bedding and Roxy is happy so I'm just gonna keep them in their. It's a great box, it has sides and a roof so I'd rather just keep them in there than move them and piss Roxy off and also possibly make them colder.

So it's not a perfect situation but they are on clean bedding and are nice and warm so that's all that matters to me right now.

More pics soon! Just wanna give Roxy some peace because she's had a hectic night.
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They're beautiful! And the little b lack guy is absolutely gorgeous. (But then I am partial to black cats...) As long as the bedding is clean I'm sure it'll be fine. When Twix had her kittens she stayed in the same crate the whole time, I just cleaned her bedding whenever it started to get dirty. If you're still worried about it you could always wait until the kits are a bit older and change them then.

I can't wait for the new pictures!!
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I managed to get a couple more pics today. Not very good ones but I don't like to annoy Roxy too much. I also managed to weigh 3 of the 4 but one was buried under Roxy so I couldn't get to him/her and Roxy HATED me weighing them. I am happy to say their weights are remarkable! One is 200g and the lightest is the black one at 150g which isn't bad going considering they're only about 17 hours old! So happy.

Here's one of the tabbies:

Here they are having a drink:

Just for Cocoalily! Close up of little black one's face (wish you could see his/her little white chin!!):

So proud of my girl. I miss her clingy pregnant personality though. She has no time for cuddles now .

(Note to self: must not resent cute innocent kitties!)

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Wow - nice kittens! What color is the father? And that's one heck of a nice looking mackeral tabby - no mistaken those markings!
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I know! Roxy doesn't have those markings so it's quite a surprise! Well she is half stripey and half splodgey.

She mated with a very ropey black tom with a bit of white on him. It was an accidental preg. But these kittens are gorgeous! I'm so pleased.
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