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This is how I store their dry food. Chloe used to have a different container but she was able to open it so I had to try a new one. These are under the built-in "desk" that my apartment has. If I had one, they would be in an actual pantry.

I keep their wet food cans in this little basket I bought at Target. (I have other identical baskets that hold their grooming stuff and their toys). When I took this picture, Matilda heard me get out the basket and came to be fed. This is all the wet food I have for 2 cats and it is 1/2 of their diet. I used to have this just stuffed with cans and then I had an additional shopping bag full. I had to try really hard to not buy so many when I have more than enough to begin with. Notice Chloe's bite marks on the edges The only wet food I stock up on is Wellness (for Matilda, Chloe won't eat it) because I can't buy it where I live. When I visit my mom I will buy a lot and bring it home.

These are their treats. I have to keep these in a cupboard because otherwise Chloe will rip them open with her teeth. She can open anything it seems! Matilda also came to investigate when I took this picture. (Oh, the only treat missing is the Pity-the-Kitties freeze-dried chicken from the Three Dogs Bakery. Not sure where that went but I suspect Chloe has something to do with it being gone...)
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don't have a pic.... but i have stacks of cans on the counter, & the current dry food is in a screw-top container. looks kinda like this one. the not yet opened dry is in the laundry room, where kitties don't go.
yes, they've chewed it open in the past!
treats are in a cabinet under the kitchen sink. they know they're there - when i open those cabinets, i suddenly have company!
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I just have the sack of dry food in the bathroom, and 2 bags of Feline Greenies in a cupboard in the kitchen next to Smudge's eyedrops. The evening routine is eyedrops, then they all get treats. Now the cats come running in excitement as soon as they hear Smudge squealing about getting her eyes done.
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Some really funny pics. Cool!
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Great idea for a thread!

Here's Sash's pantry collection, which includes his food and various other supplies. It's even more filled now, after I stocked up yesterday on more canned food. He also has two different dry foods we alternate with too.

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ok! I'm done being lazy...

the black bin is filled with syringes and medicine of all kinds...

also, you can't see it but there's a bag of dehydrated raw that's been chewed through about a hundred times... haha.
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