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Pic of My Two Cuties !!

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Thought this was a cute pic and had to share!

Rob was on the computer, playing some engineering game. Nakita seemed fascinated as well. I though it was funny that both of them were so absorbed by the computer screen!

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thats really cute LOL

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=O I never realized how small your Nikita was! I swear, you better be careful or my next cat is going to be a Blue Russian, or maybe I just like yours!!
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is nakita advising him!?
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awwww how cute!!
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That's so sweet.
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Now that is just the best!! It's as it should be - the humans works and Nakita is supervising the whole thing!
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I am just totally in love with Nakita! Even when she is being serious (like engrossed in computer work!)....she's adorable!

Great it in Caption this?
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Isnt togetherness great! Very nice picture.
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That is a really cute pic! You should certainly send it in for Caption This!
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What a great pic Kass! I was also going to suggest you submit it to Caption This. That one is just begging for some great quips.
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Nikita is so cute! And so small: Coal, our resident Russian Blue, is 19 lbs of muscle. If he tried that pose, I would need shoulder surgery!
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*GASP* a black sweater and a grey cat??? you must have lots of tape around!! lol
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What an adorable picture!
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Ahhh, this is so cute. This would make a great picture for "caption this".
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LOL!! What I want to know is how did little Nakita get up there? Did she climb his back *OWIE* or did she just gracefully leap?:eye&mouth

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looks like a great computer perch to me!
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That's what I need instead of this hard plastic chair! Nakita has the right idea!
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Hubby is sooooo jealous! He wants Shelly to be a shoulder cat! Shelly squirms the minute you even pick him up.

I keep reminding Gary that Nakita is not a feral rescue.

GREAT pic - so cute!!!!

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What an adorable picture!!!!!
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