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Funny behavior,visitors when I go potty :)

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Both of my cats are obsessed with me going to the bathroom.Esp when I have to 'sit' down.

They will both come in and want to be petted like crazy EVERY time I go.They have been doing it since they were little kittens.

Whats even funnier is that if I dont pet them right away,they do what I call a 'Tap Run',this is where they stand up,'tap' my leg and run and then sit and stare at me,then do it again until I acknowledge them by petting them.

Sometimes Damone does a 'tap lick' where he will tap my leg then lick me until I pet him!

It is so cute,I have never heard of anyone else's cats doing this,do any of your cats like to visit you like that?
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My cats always come visit me in the bathroom. One likes to lay between my feet and the other one likes to play in the bathtub, eventho there's nothing in there.
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Yep! Definitely a common favorite behavior of cats! Pandi loved to sit on my lap when I was in the loo! Purr up a storm! Maia will sometimes ram the door till I open it for her, then mew and roll around purring, tail straight up as if there was a wire inside it!
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Just like the kids. They know you can't go anywhere when you're doing your business.

Mine has always been so interested in the water in the bathroom that he could care less about us. Finally we just put his water dish in there so when he sees me coming and races in it's because he wants me to run him some fresh water.
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yep sabrina my little girl put her paw under the door till I open it for her..or until she is able to nudge it open..then she walks around me..and meows...
until I pet her and then she walks out.
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Think about it. For a few minutes you are not going anywhere. Perfect time for skritches!
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Only Ramsay likes the bathroom, but not as much with the toilet. The loud-mouthed Siamese that he is, will talk to me the entire time I'm in the shower. He'll get under the curtain and poke at me. I just think it's funny so I talk and poke back at him. But whenever he hears the toilet flush he bolts to the top of the cat house, meows and rolls around, and demands attention.
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i ALWAYS have at least one 'bathroom buddy' aka 'potty pal' & usually 2-3. they take turns...
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Yep. Even when Sammie is 'outside' on the lanai (her favorite place) she instinctively knows when I have entered the bathroom. Suddenly she is there, nonchalant and 'oh hi, whatcha doin'?' She will walk around my feet, waiting for petting, or she will jump into the tub - which, btw, has pretty much no interest to her unless I am on the potty.

Kitty stuff. Gotta love it.
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