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Millicent has scabs on her.

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I have an appointment with the vet to get her looked at this upcoming week.

The poor girl has scabs on her back by her tail and under her chin.

I don't think it is fleas,I use a flea comb on her constantly and I don't find any on her,and I just gave her some 'advantage' last week to make sure,the problem has not got any better,or worse for that matter.

Now I guess my question is,is there anything I can put on her scabs to help relive her problem until she goes to the vet in a couple of days?(like cortisone or something?)Of course the problem with that is she will want to lick it off.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I bet you it is a flea allergy. All it takes is one to bite her and she can break out. They have to bite in order to ingest the medicine and die.
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Is there medicine to help her with her allergy then?

I should add that she is 100% indoors(I know that dont matter much) but I really try to keep and maintain a ZERO Flea presence in the house.

It really breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable like this though.
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The best bet would be to keep up the Advantage if it is a flea allergy. There are some other possible allergans, including foods, that can cause similar reactions though, so definitely pursue the vet visit. I would not put cortisone cream on because there could be harmful ingredients in a topical cream or ointment, and the vet may not get a full picture of the situation if you are treating it at home. Are you using plastic bowls? If so, I'd swap them for glass, metal or ceramic, and make sure you clean them daily. Some cats develop chin acne from plastic bowls. You might try using a cool cloth to help soothe the sores between now and the vet appointment.
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One of my dogs has a flea allergy and even though I am a flea freak he always seems to get bitten. One bite will make him itch like crazy and lose a lot of hair. It starts at his hind legs and moves forward. The vet even gave us steroids to have on hand because his itching gets so bad.

I wouldn't put anything on the scabs, it may sting her and cause it to be more irritated. I would just wait till the vet sees it.
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Coco has flea allergies and only 1 flea can cause it. It dosent matter if the Cat is indoors fleas can come in. I had to get Coco a Shot and it went away.
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