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New here,pics of my kids.

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I love taking pics of the kids.Here are just a few for now.
This is my 'son' Damone.He is going on 2 years old.

This is my 'daughter' Millicent.Same age as Damone.(brother and sister)

Taking a nap together.


Thats all for now,more to follow later!
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What gorgeous kitties!!
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very beautiful cats!! I love Millicent!
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Hi and welcome - They are beautiful. Millicent is very unique looking
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Agreed! They are drop dead gorgeous!!! I'm so glad you shared them with us!!

Welcome to The Cat Site too!
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Your cats are beautiful!!! Millicent has beautiful markings on her face!!!
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Gorgeous kitties!!
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aww lovely!
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Millicent looks like a tortie point! Wow are they cute!
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Aww they are just beautiful and look like fun, too! I am a bit partial to torties with pretty face markings
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very pretty kitties!
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Wow you have such cute kitties! Love the photo of them playing on the table
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Those cats are lovely and look so unusual! Thanks for sharing
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