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Question about litter for pregnant cats

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I just found this site and posted yesterday for the first time. I am trying to read and learn everything I can before Bella has her kittens in the next few weeks. Bella was abandoned by one on my tenants and has found her forever home with us. Well what we have now is a beautiful pregnant kitty. I found a great supporting vet who checked out Bella gave her a clean bill of health and performed an ultrasound that showed she was carrying at least 3 kittens. My question is this....I just read somewhere that as the time grows closer....to quit using clumping litter as she may have one of the kittens in the litter box and she wouldn't clean it and the kitten may drown in its own fluids? How true is this? Should I really stop using the clumping litter? I just want to be as cautious and responsible as possible and help her bring this beautiful little kitties into the world. I do definately plan on having her spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned. I also have already found homes for 2 of the 3 kitties so far. The vet kinda laughed and said she can't promise there won't be more than that. Unfortunately somewhere in this house Bella has found a hiding spot and we all have no idea where that may be. Sometimes she disappears for several hours....we check everywhere but have no idea where she goes. I am hoping this is not her chosen birthing spot. I have made a nice birthing suite for her our laundry room away from alot of noise. Anyways..thanks for any support and advice that you can give this first time nervous kitten mother.
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I had no problem with using clumping litter for my queens before birth. They had the kittens in their birthing box in the cage. The litter pan was outside the cage.

When the kittens were starting to learn about it - I had a very shallow pan (cake pan) in the cage with them with regular litter. When they were old enough to climb out of the cage on their own, they used the clumping litter without problems.

If you are concerned right now, start switching the litter to clay litter till the kittens are about 5-6 weeks old and using the pan without eating the litter. After that time you can switch them back to clumping.

Since you will be keeping the kittens till 10-12 weeks old (I hope ) they should be fine at 2 months old to use clumping. Just keep an eye on things and make sure they are not eating litter before you change.
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Thanks for the advice. I definately do plan on keeping the kittens until they are 12 weeks...my vet explained that this is very important to do..she said far to many people give kittens away as young as 5-6 weeks once they starting eating and using the litter box. I want to try and do everything just right for Bella and her babies.
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I think the danger of clumping litter is that she may swallow some "if" the kitten is born in the litter, while trying to clean it. And clumping litter can cause some big problems if eaten. Also, when she begins showing the kittens how to use a litter box, it is much safer to use a non clumping type, since most kittens will try eating a bite or two!

As for her hiding place...you should really try and find where it is!! Unless you have her confined in the laundry room at the onset of labor, she will almost surely go to that unknown hiding spot! I've had several pregnant strays that I have rescued, wind up in a totally different nest than I had planned!
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That's why its best to confine the pregnant cats from about 6-7 weeks pregnant to ONE room; even a large crate when it gets closer.

The large cage I used for my queens was sooo handy and safer and I didn't have to worry about kittens getting lost, mom in a place where I could not be to help, etc. Everyone was safely contained.

While I know that not everyone can get a good cage to keep them in, the 2nd best place is one room where everything is and mom is kept in there instead of roaming around the house that close to delivery
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