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The Big Chill

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Remy demonstrates the proper form for chillin'.

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Wow, he's gorgeous, just stunning!
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Awww, so adorable!!
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goodness!! Look at those looooooong legs!!! Such a cutie
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Those legs are as long as Jacks!
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What is it with cats and loungin' around on their cat trees?

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Lol -- I like it
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LoL Stumpy looks so cool!
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lol he looks very comfy
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Remy is a stone cold fox. What an adorable face.
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Remy is gorgeous. He could come chill at my house! He'd probably drive Miss Peaches nuts though. She's so laid back and likes the easy life. Any extra noise or movement annoys her.
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OMG...look at those long, lean arms!!!

What a beauty he is....i'd have to go over and give his paw a shake. It's too tempting. I love to kiss their pawpads when they don't see me coming.

Whatta handsome cat.
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Gorgeous, look at those long legs
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