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The Grump

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Can Ares get any more crabby looking?

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That is a very unhappy looking kitty!
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Oh my
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Well that's an expression loaded with feeling if ever I saw one What a great character Ares is
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Wow, Ebenezer, what's got your tail all tied up in a knot?

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Awwwwwww did you wake him up???
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Awwwwwww did you wake him up???
Of course, but not on purpose. He was a victim of a photo-shoot involving the kittens. Wrong place at the wrong time.
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bless, what a face!
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Aww.. he looks like an old wise man or yoda or something Cute !
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Wow! I wouldn't want to meet HIM in a dark alley!!
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Oh boy, you had best sleep with one eye open tonight!
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lol quit taking photos of me..thats quite the look
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Thats such a great photo! I love the look hes giving to the camera!
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he reminds me of one of those really gorgeous models looking down on the 'common' people! what a brilliant pic!
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Way grumpy!!! But still beautiful!
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