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introducing tigger and cuddles

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well, the two kitties made it here somewhat okay yesterday. (mentioned in this thread, one of them defecated in the carrier they were sharing and tigger had it all over parents hadn't noticed as they were at the back of their SUV and i think the poor thing was sitting in it for awhile. we wiped him down ASAP but he was NOT happy.
cuddles has settled in just fine. tigger hid under the bed all of yesterday except a few times for some petting and today he is exploring the house.
the one thing that is odd is he is extremely upset with his sister and hisses when she is anywhere near him. for this reason, i let them spread out so they could just settle in on their own instead. i think maybe it was sitting in a carrier with her for three hours with feces that made him so angry at her.
anyway, here are the can see tigger's tumor starting around his eye...i think they are both pretty good looking though for seventeen years old.


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Awwww, they are both gorgeous!
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They are both so, so adorable!
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Awww those precious babies. They look so relaxed for just being there a short time. Hopefully, thats an excellent sign.

Sending more vibes that everything continues to go well. Tigger doesnt seem to be bothered at all with the tumor.
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awww they are both beautiful
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They're in really good shape! YAY for Seniors!!
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What a lovely thing you're doing and both you and the cats will benefit!
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Aww they are so cute!
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Bless you for taking care of these two babies. I hope that they settle in nicely, and that things get back to normal between them! They're beautiful!
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I jut got caught up on what you're doing. No wonder we haven't seen Kuan Yin pics in awhile, you've been busy! They are just sweethearts. Its a wonderful thing you are doing
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