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Crying Kitty! I don't know why!

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I am looking for advice regarding my 9 month old kitten.

Here is some background info:

I adopted him about 3 months ago.

I was told he would do great alone, that he hadn't really bonded with any of his other 5 foster brothers and sisters.

He was rescued from a hoarder who had over 35 cats.

He was kept caged.

Surprisingly this little guy is very friendly and has no social issues.

He is loving, affectionate and playful.

He plays well by himself with his fake mouse and then with me using a feather wand each day.

He is up to date on shots and has a clean bill of health.

Here's the problem:

When I first brought him home he cried the first 2 nights - which I assumed was because he wasn't used to the new surroundings.

But now for the past 3 weeks at around 4am he cries and coos until I get up.

During the first few days I thought maybe he's hungry, or has gotten himself locked in the bedroom, but its always neither.

It seems like he just wants someone to be awake with him.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions???

Thank you so much!
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Even thru all that, I suspect he still would like a brother or sister to play with. If you can adopt another kitten, do so. I'm assuming he is neutered - if not get him done now and be sure his new brother/sister is neutered/spayed too before you bring them in the house.
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I assume he's neutered, but my boy got all hormonal at around that age (he hadn't been neutered yet) and would sit in the dark and bemoan his horrible life like any teenager. That stopped as soon as I got him neutered.

Otherwise, could it be that he's just realized that if he cries and whines you'll get up and play with him or give him some other form of attention? If that's the case, then a week or two (or three ) of ignoring him would probably get him to stop.

Getting him to sleep all the way through the night might also help too, if he's waking up and then getting bored, so he wants you to play with him. Give him a hard play session before bed, a good 30 minutes to an hour of physical play. Then if you give him a little meal before bedtime he might just sleep the whole night through, and then not wake you up so early.

Good luck!
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Sounds to me like you're giving him exactly what he's crying for, which is company and attention. Works like a charm, doesn't it? And, of course, every time you get up, you reinforce the behavior.

One trick might be to keep him active right up until bedtime.
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